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The Moneychangers Versus the US Constitution

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By Paul V. Sheridan

On June 12, 2008 the Supreme Court rescinded Senate Bill 3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006.  The justices managed to get something right.  Heaven forbid they should actually ascend to their primary duty of oath which is to protect the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” 

The most insidious enemy of the Constitution is the private moneychanger and their misuse of our security assets, the military and our police agencies. Never in my life have I witnessed such blatant assaults on our Constitution, and the moneychangers are central to that assault.  Their tactics are varied, but the most important trait is that it is relentless.  In my opinion, the first major assault on the Constitution came with the Christmas holiday passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Recent assaults are subtle, indirect, but primarily serve private interests.

For example, the US/Israeli/UK concept of "enemy combatants" is a ruse steeped in the equally insidious diversion called the "war on terror."  But the truth goes beyond diversions or even money per se.  The moneychanger’s issue is currency; who controls it and who uses it.  This is not to say that material wealth, such as Middle Eastern oil, is not in play; it is.  But all geopolitical roads lead to the same goal: domination of the global currency markets, the very mechanism by which all material wealth is negotiated.  The brutal truth is that control of currency is what the moneychangers have gone to war over and will continue to go to war over.  You need not know Valerie Plame to recognize that the Bush/Cheney proclamations about Iraq’s WMD’s were outright lies.  But beyond the mindless adolescent politics we find hidden patterns and tactics that common citizens need to be aware of.

There was a hidden threat posed by Saddam Hussein that was taken seriously, and justified the moneychangers’ deployment of our military: Saddam’s intention to trade Iraq’s oil, not in petrodollars, but in Eurodollars.  Overt justifications such as tyranny and threats to Israel were widely promoted by the news media, but the Eurodollar threat was the clincher.  Similarly, we are now being told that Iran is working on WMD’s, that Iran poses a threat to nuclear-armed Israel, etc.  But once again the Iranian oil trades in Eurodollars, which diminishes the US Federal Reserve control over global currency, is the threat taken seriously.  Do you see a pattern here?

My letters to Congress have discussed threats to the Constitution by the moneychanger’s most recent hire, Chief Justice John Roberts.  Specifically, you cannot be a law school graduate, a member of the Bar Association, a judge and a Supreme Court justice but somehow mistakenly claim that the US is a "constitutional democracy."  But that is the exact phrase used by Roberts as he accepted Bush’s nomination to the Court.  It was no innocent mistake or misstatement; Chief Justice Roberts was consciously catering to private interests.  But how?

Grammar school children know that the US is a constitutional republic, not a constitutional democracy.  The reason was simple and a deep concern to the framers of the Constitution: No one is above the law!  In a constitutional democracy it is the opinion of the masses that overrides the rule of law. In this scenario, the power brokers control the issuance of currency and own the news media. We are very close to that political malady in America wherein our so-called news media forms our opinions, and then asks us to confirm those preordained opinions by voting on issues that should be decided by the rule of law.  The sociopolitical advantage for the brokers in a constitutional democracy is that the common citizens believe that they have meaningful participation, and when brainwashed or in a state of fear will even protect the powerful from the blind scales of justice, accepting the lie that the elite are above the law. The Bush/Cheney/Mukasey lawlessness of water torture and Guantanamo Bay is a symptom of this malady, having nothing to do with their propaganda about national security.  In a cruel way national security is at risk, but through destruction of our Constitution, and our sovereignty.

The Federal Reserve’s latest secret agenda is to convert North America into their greedy brainchild: the North American Union (NAU).  Intrinsic to NAU is total control of the currency called the amero.  It is well-known by Congress that the amero printing dies have already been formed by the US Treasury.

I have written to Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) six times about the “constitutional democracy” ploy of Chief Justice Roberts.  I have called Levin’s office three times.  In a recent conversation, a Levin senior staffer blurted, “Congress is not here to second guess the other branches.”  Perhaps this outburst provides insight into the Executive Branch’s unhindered invasion of Iraq.  Although he voted against Senate 3930, which has now been “second-guessed” by the framers of our Constitutional Republic, Levin still refuses to confront the moneychangers, the very ones who have relentlessly convinced us that the war in Iraq was justified.
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