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Good Luck Avoiding the Lunar Tics of the GOP

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Makes perfect sense to me: These petty fools have had way too much moonshine.

How else to explain the nation's rapid slide down the sharply-razored bannister, right into a pool of iodine, then sloughed off into a slag heap, Congress able to agree only on one small thing -- banishing one word from all legislation?


Yes, the House of Representatives yesterday voted 398 to 1 to strike the word from all legislation.  The Senate did the same back in May.  It's an effort to tip one's hat and nod more politely at mental illness -- a noble and politically-correct act.

Very well then:  Time for members of Congress to carry through the notion the whole way, and demonstrate they themselves are of sound mind in that legislative body, and bring some clear thinking to the party, and to their Parties.

You see:  I am convinced members of Congress would also vote 398 to 1 to first vacuum the carpet in a burning building before alerting the fire department, too.  After all, first impressions are important, and a body as lofty as Congress has a certain dignity to maintain, and has to be seen in just the right light.

Let's go ahead and ignore the fact that Congress has all but turned its back on The People in order to prostitute and prostrate itself toward the rich and the corporate, hoping for more corporeal campaign funds with which to remain in office -- always Job One -- rather than lobby the intangible thanks of regular constituents by virtue of sane and helpful legislative deeds.

Republicans -- to a person -- in Congress are the Grand Obstructionist Pinheads that should be bulldozed to one side come the 2014 elections.  And everyone else, be they Democrat, Independent, or member of the Purple People Eater Party, should be tarred with the same brush for not calling Republicans on their lunacy, and for not demanding they start making sense for the sake of their country, home states, and their people.

As for all this fiscal cliff nonsense, the latest howling meme of the sort that our intensely shallow and hollow media finds so easy to cling to and squawk about, there's only a thing or two to say about it.

This is one of them:

As long as we're sliding down this sharply-razored bannister, our exit aimed right into a pool of iodine, to be then bouncingly detoured off into a slag heap, let's just slide over the damn fiscal cliff, too, and be over-and-done with it.

Let the demented GOP and its members continue to act as traitors and terrorists, and let them continue to hold the nation and all its people hostage, at hair-trigger gunpoint, and refuse any attempt at rational discourse and discussion, and ignore any move toward compassion or compromise.

Let these GOP lunatics force the default of the United States of America, and allow our full faith and credit to be rent and rabidly torn.  Let's shoot right over this fictitious cliff -- the faster the better -- and, come next year, when the excrement really starts to hit the fan blades, let us all remind ourselves how we arrived at the bottom, the goal of the GOP all along.

At this point, every non-Republican -- public office holder or not, be he or she President or Congressional Page -- is to remind all Americans exactly which Party is to bear 100% of the blame.

Let those reminders go out daily, hourly, and minute by minute, in an unending stream -- and then, come election time, let us each try to find even one voter willing to admit membership with the foul, traitorous, and vile GOP.

The other thing to say is this:

There is a price of admission to civilization, said former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., and that price is paid in taxes.

No, the wealthy may not have it all, nor may the corporations -- even though both have grown lustfully fond of the Twin Games of Eternal Accumulation and in Having One's Own Way Completely Unchecked.

As Americans, we have basic obligations to one another -- and even deeper obligations still to one another as civilized human beings, should we care to raise our gaze and pick up a higher mantle.

If we do not kick Greed and Self Interest Above All to the curb, and all who practice it, it is we who will find ourselves in the gutter.

We find ourselves locked in a death struggle with a parasitic outbreak, again and again.

Ironically, nearly to the point of impossible belief, the parasite is along the lines implied by Republican hero, Ayn Rand.

(Let us bypass for a moment that Ayn Rand was an espouser of personal greed over morality, and was a novelist who wrote with all the skill and insight of a heat-stroked vulture, of a cracked, brass paperweight, and cold bed of ashen coals.  We must also ignore the facts of Ayn Rand's hypocritical life as a user of the "entitlements" of Social Security and Medicare, as the GOP would have it, all while she howled against government providing the very same benefits to others.  We'll also need to forget for a moment Ayn Rand's hero, a child-dismembering murderer.)

Republicans have become the very parasites to the American culture, life, and government as they have long warned others about.  This makes perfect sense, based on observation, as Republicans routinely transfer to others the evils they themselves do, all while perfecting their own innocent looks and precocious pouts.

So, pick your analogy, be it parasites or cancer, the threat to the host -- all the rest of us, and our nation -- is clear and needs to be cut out.  And the best way to do so is with the clean, surgical cut of an election, removing them from the body politic, forever.

These are the plain facts:

  • You cannot reason with Republicans -- it is a fact.
  • You cannot reason with brainwashed cult members, the deranged, or with psychopaths.
  • You cannot reason with anyone who says "No!" as return conversation, and nothing more.
  • You cannot reason with anyone who says the prime and only goal for an entire political party is to limit one man to a 4-year term -- and that nothing else matters, that no other thing matters, that no other piece of the People's business is of any concern:  Just that one.
  • And, as you have suspected, one cannot kill Republicans -- there are still laws and quite high penalties for doing so, or conspiring to do so.  Even if there were not, there could never be any rest in such actions, having dropped so low and having become all too similar to what was so deeply abhorred.  There is also the calm fact that no one should suffer onto others such actions as one would not want taken upon themselves -- a fact routinely ignored by Republicans, of course.  Especially those who say they are Christians.
  • And, you cannot reason with anyone who agrees with the points of view of any of the above logically-beset camps and sub-divisions of Republicans.

Of course, you are free to circle the drain with those who hold a hypocrite and sociopath, and her child-killing hero, in such very high regard.

If you have an extensive surplus of air and an overabundance of energy -- and have the need to bore yourself at very long length -- you should debate a Republican in an exchange of ideas based on facts.  Instead, you will get an effusion of talking points, then, after a while longer, nothing.  Silence -- awkward, confused, and nervously self-aware.

Once the Fox-and-Rush inner dialogue spools out, there is nothing left except greed and a self-centered need to feed.  (The standard model is to first court, and then hide behind, power and money.)

Or, you know what -- you can mirror the approach of Republican lunatics:  Just keep hollering, "No!" and run the Republican marathon out to the very end, and right off the cliff.

Come 2014, we'll try to find someone willing to admit to ever being a Republican.  It should be harder than trying to find Nazis in the general German population immediately after the Second World War, when it was discovered that no one had been a Nazi.

Meanwhile:  We'll survive, we'll recover.  And, with the old, antiquated, obstructionist GOP deader than bugs gone for a quick swim in a pool of DDT, there may once again be no limit to the things we can do, working together.

This is what Congress has agreed on so far?

OWH, Jr.:,_Jr.

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