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Should you throw a drowning man a bootstrap?

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The Republicans have trotted out an old talking point that you don't hear them use much with their taxes so low, but they think that you peasants should pay all the taxes. So here goes, "Say I start a business and so does my friend. His business fails and I succeed. Why should I be penalized for my success by paying income taxes, while he pays none?"


This almost sounds reasonable, and the knee jerk reaction is to try to justify taxes for all the good reasons we pay taxes. This is entirely wrong, that's what they want you to waste time on, while the basis of their argument continues to stand.



Sometimes Giant Holes Just Happen

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Last week there was a large spike in unemployment claims and it was proclaimed that OBAMA CAUSES THE END OF THE WORLD  by the right leaning corporate media. This week the number is down by even more and they are calling that an "unexplained aberration". The five week moving average continues coming down (that's a good thing).


Weekly numbers often need to be corrected later because of delays in the states' reporting data. If there was a holiday that week you can count on it.



How Redistricting Mismanagement Destroys Voting Rights

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By Bev Harris, Founder of

Richard HoldenShelby County is currently enduring yet another botched election -- perhaps the worst one yet. Under Election Administrator Richard Holden's misleadership, this time thousands of voters are being disenfranchised by giving them the wrong ballot, a result of administrative foot-dragging on redistricting-related database updates.

Based on tips I have been receiving from several US locations, precinct boundary changes caused by redistricting will be bollixed in multiple jurisdictions across the USA in November. Some -- like Shelby County -- will be of strategic importance.


Debunking Skunks from My Bunker

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Conspiracy theorists get no respect from skeptics -- strange, from self-avowed logicians who should know even broken clocks are right, once or twice a day.

Could it be that fact and objective reality has slipped so far in basic respect and understanding that innuendo and insinuation totally rule today's world?  After all, one person's conspiracy nut is another's leading -- although not yet lauded -- genius, fans of equivalencies and possibilities might say.

To some extent, it appears everyone's right.  Reality is getting much more difficult to sift and sort out, with so many surreal and previously unbelievable developments at all levels.


PUR Public Relations

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Getting a straight answer in this world anymore is next door to impossible:  You can ring the doorbell for Fact all day and night, but, only Spin will come to the door.

The latest case in point:  writing a corporation with a helpful suggestion, where everyone wins. You already know how this turns out, I'll bet.  For the record, and to help flesh out your imaginations, some detail:

We live out in the country, in an area where our drinking water needs filtering from various muds and murk.  We use the handy (but expensive-seeming, for our monthly budget) replaceable-cartridge water filters from PUR.  (Short commercial:  They do a pretty good job.)


A Good Suit Makes the Man

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Sandy Weill’s name may not be a household word, but it should be. If you want to blame just one man for the banks eating us all alive, he would be the one. As head of Citi-Group (or rather the bank that would become Citi-Group) he pushed through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that had kept the banks in check for 2/3 of the 20th century.

He and others of his ilk were able to sell the idea (or more accurately buy the belief from politicians, the media and so-called experts) that modern bankers knew what they were doing. After all there hadn’t been a banking collapse since the end of the Republican Hoover administration in 1933.


They Return, Taxing Credibility & Patience

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Willard Romney has been on the road again.  There's a picture of him in a working warehouse, standing behind a modest podium sporting this sign:  "Putting Jobs First."

Too bad he didn't have that same attitude at Bain:  It would have saved many workers, families, and taxpayers a lot of pain.

But, then, you take a vulture capitalist -- surely a bane of our modern existence -- and link it up tight with pain, hey presto!  Bain!

If you think there are too many loopholes in the tax codes for billionaires to drive 18-wheelers filled with gold through, you haven't seen anything yet.  Just check out the loopholes in Willard's alibi -- whoops, sorry, ladies and gentlemen of the voting jury -- that is to say, his life story and beliefs.


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