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If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.


Welcome to Treadmill, USA, - where most Americans now live.  I’ll bet you had no clue… but if you live in America, that’s exactly where you’ve been for the last few years, and that’s precisely where you are right now: on a treadmill, going nowhere.

We all know what happens on a treadmill. You walk and walk and walk and get nowhere.  You walk and walk - slowly, quickly - it really doesn’t matter, you’re going nowhere.  You go through all the motions, but you’re always in the same place and going nowhere. And so it is in Treadmill, USA.

In all honesty, Treadmill, USA has an unusual glitch. As you walk, you surely go nowhere with regularity, but sometimes, in fact more often than you’d like, you actually go backwards! In Treadmill, USA, our communal home, you can walk and walk and walk in what appears to be a forward gait, but you actually can travel back in time. Oddly, you can end up in a place that was, but shouldn’t be.

But that’s Treadmill for you.  So let’s take a closer look.

Let’s first examine where we were going. There were so many promises. Come on board, they told us, and we would walk into the future together.  Let’s face it; so many Americans didn’t recognize the treadmill when they saw it. They really didn’t. The treadmill looked so much like a road to security and prosperity and progress.  The treadmill sounded so much like the only road to survival.  The treadmill was the poster child for America the Beautiful. No wonder it caught on.

But that was the problem.  The treadmill didn’t look like a treadmill at all.  And now, we’re all going nowhere in its inertia.  We’re all going nowhere in the repetitious motion of its rotary treads.  We’re all going nowhere in the most desperate and critical time in our history. And even worse, we’re going backwards into an oblivion we have yet to fathom.


Here’s where we went nowhere, and backwards, and totally out of control:

  • Bush’s changing and fabricated rationales for invading Iraq - unreported
  • Nonexistent WMD’s in Iraq - ignored
  • The war in Iraq yielding daily deaths of Americans and Iraqis - absent
  • The war in Afghanistan as a total failure - absent
  • Civilian casualties in Iraq - not revealed
  • US military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan - absent
  • Coalition numbers in Iraq  - not revealed
  • Coalition withdrawals in Iraq  - not revealed
  • Coalition deaths in Iraq – not revealed
  • Contractor deaths in Iraq -  not revealed
  • Daily kidnappings in Iraq  - not revealed
  • Women’s rights lost in Iraq -  not exposed
  • Negroponte’s terrorist past – not exposed
  • Gonzales support of torture – underreported
  • Health care lacking for 45 million Americans – not discussed
  • Prescription drugs for the elderly not within reach - ignored
  • The total failure of No Child Left Behind  - not reported
  • International relations at an all time low – ignored
  • Protests against Bush’s European visit - ignored
  • Destruction of the environment - unreported
  • Patriot Act violations of human rights - ignored
  • International law violations - ignored
  • Women’s rights abandoned - ignored
  • Gay rights used for political gain - underreported
  • Outsourcing costing millions of jobs - underreported
  • Israeli settlements being built on the West Bank - ignored
  • International credibility at an all time low – unreported
  • International protests against Bush and the US - not shown
  • Valerie Plame’s outing - uninvestigated
  • Cheney’s secret energy task force - uninvestigated
  • 9/11 warnings ignored - never investigated
  • PNAC goals ignored; administration members - not revealed
  • Gannongate - ignored
  • Scripted press conferences - not revealed
  • Payoffs to journalists for promoting agendas - ignored
  • Scripted press conferences, here and abroad- not aired
  • Prisoner abuse In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo, systemic – ignored
  • .Halliburton contracts in Iraq – underreported
  • Billions lost in Iraq not revealed or investigated - ignored
  • Huge national debt - under played
  • Social security plan risks - underplayed
  • Bush’s back packs during debates - unreported
  • Bob Novak and the Valerie Plame outing - ignored

And more, and so much more.  Just fill in the blanks and research the details. Then you’ll understand why Treadmill, USA goes NOWHERE. NOWHERE. NOWHERE. These stories go round and round and end up NOWHERE!

The media will not investigate. The media will not challenge.  The corporate media are on the same treadmill as the rest of America. The media are promoting the illusion that that there are great strides being taken on the treadmill we’ve boarded. The media lost the impetus they found in Monica’s blue dress. They lost the courage to investigate.  The lost the bravado to question. They lost their perspective and their purpose.

The media lost its sense of responsibility to the public once Karl Rove told them who was boss.  The press corps lost its vision.  The media lost its mission, and the people of the USA lost their only resource to question the nations’ leaders.

Treadmill, USA came into its own with the 2004 election. Once that election went unchallenged, - and once the propaganda machine of Rove and company did its dirty work with abandon, Treadmill, USA became  the home of Americans all over the nation.  Walking in place has become a national pastime.  Going nowhere is the latest acceptable goal.

Treadmill, USA is a planned community. Walking to the tune of the piper in the White House is a calculated design.  What you don’t know won’t distress you. What you won’t know won’t rock the boat.  What you don’t know will empower those whose policy is guided by a disdain for the public. What you don’t know and didn’t know and might never know has brought you to Treadmill, USA.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay. Or not.


Look around at Treadmill, USA, and decide whether or not you want to stay there. Is this the place you want to claim as your own, or is it time to consider other surroundings? Check out the plans to nowhere and figure out if that’s good enough for you. Do you really plan to walk and walk and walk and walk – and go nowhere at all?   Do you really want to go nowhere from here on in?

Let’s look at the reality.   American soldiers are dying in Iraq every single day. Iraqi civilians are dying as never before as a result of the supposed liberation of their country. The elections in Iraq have done little more than divide religious and tribal factions. The US will inevitably determine the future of Iraqi politics. That’s for sure.

The Taliban is alive and well in Afghanistan.  Osama is alive and well in Afghanistan. Nothing is reported to the American public. Nothing is discussed or debated about Afghanistan. Treadmill is satisfied with that.

The US has accrued the greatest debt in American history.  More people than ever are without health insurance.  More people than ever are without prescription drug benefits. More people than ever are without jobs or prospects for future employment. Social security reform is a red herring designed to enhance the private interests of Bush supporters.  Such is life in Treadmill.

Religious ideology is taking the forefront.  The American Taliban (the religious right) that supported the election of George W. Bush is demanding payback. Treadmill is awash with horror over women’s reproductive rights and gay marriage.  The plight of the homeless is a non issue. The concerns of the poor are irrelevant. Abortion and gay marriage dominate the playing field. Hallelujah.

Treadmill lives in the environmental holocaust.  Mercury is an appealing element and clean air is a PR promotion in Treadmill.  Alaskan drilling is a fun sport in Treadmill. The killing thousands of wild horses is a lark in Treadmill. Corporate profits are alive and well, and Kyoto is based on an urban legend. Global warming is junk science.  Stem cell research is not being funded in Treadmill, where science and empirical evidence are a joke.

How clever of Treadmill to go backwards in time. How clever of Treadmill to pretend otherwise. How clever to cater to corporate interests.  How clever to place the future of the planet in the hands of religious fanatics. Treadmill, USA is in scientific shutdown.  Does anyone care?

The discussion is endless. Treadmill, USA is going nowhere. The USA is on a path of continued demolition, and many of the people of Treadmill are cheering in the stands.  They believe what they hear; they believe what they are told. They believe that all is going well, and that the US is moving forward. They believe that progress is being made.  They believe. They believe.  They believe. And they are wrong.


Get off the treadmill or stay on.  Those are the choices facing Americans today. Concern and outrage and anger among Americans are dissipating at an alarming rate. Complacency and apathy and acquiescence are emerging across the land. Life in Treadmill is a choice.   Staying there is easier.  It always is.

Getting off the treadmill is far more difficult. It means facing reality.  It means demanding the truth. It means challenging the media.  It means the end of denial.

Treadmill, USA is the ideal of those who would make the United States the most feared of all nations. It is the prototype of an American public that blindly champions its leaders no matter what they do. It is the model for supporting carte blanche tyranny and world domination.  It is in no way what America has stood for through the ages.

Treadmill, USA is alive and well.  Your participation in its survival is a matter of choice. Staying on the road to nowhere is optional.  Moving towards change and progress is possible.  Forcing the issue will not be easy, but staying the course should be out of the question.  The truth is out there. The answers are out there. Staying on the treadmill keeps them hidden. Choose wisely.

Get the real news.  Send it on. Refuse to stay on the road to nowhere. Refuse to walk and walk and walk and get nowhere. Challenge those who would keep us from a new and productive course. Fight back with information, facts, and truth.

Pack up. Move out of Treadmill. Reject the propaganda and the lies.  Confront the liars and the corporate whores.

Or stay.

The future of America is up you. Freedom means having choices.  The fate of America will depend on the choices you make.  Remember that.  Think about it. The future is yours to create, now as never before. Treadmill or not, now or never.    Treadmill or not, now.

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