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    NOTE: If John F. Kerry had been elected President of the United States ould have continued our mission to watchdog media coverage of our government. This section would have expanded to cover each relevant topic of a Kerry presidency. As we do with President Bush, we would have maintained a record of information that would have set straight the record that our TV news media will surely distort by providing you with the information that you will not hear on TV.

For those of you who have come to the inaccurate conclusion that is a blind follower of the Democrats, you are mistaken. While many of you seem to notice that a great deal of this site focuses on the Bush administration and the GOP Congress, another way of looking at it is that we focus on how the media reports about the parties or people currently in power. While it it surely worth while to report everything about everyone, we feel that our priority is to report on events that have the greatest affect on us at any given time.

This site was started in response to the failed state of the American television news media. Most specifically it was started after a frightening amount of misinformation regarding the Iraq Invasion pushed this nation into an irrational support for invading Iraq. While there were many political issues that were either not being reported or that were being misrepresented by the US media, the predominant coverage or lack thereof related to the actions and propaganda coming out of the Bush administration. This is the only reason that during the past year (the site started on 4/11/03), the issues that we covered related primarily to the people who affected our lives during this period. With the exception of the presidential primary race, the Democrats were virtually a non-factor in our lives during this period. They controlled no part of our government. The little attention they get from the press does not usually relate to any important issues; it is usually sensational nonsense or partisan slander.

It is true that the older sections of this site do indeed represent a pro-Democrat point of view. To understand why this happened you have to understand how the site got started. This site was started as a 9 page explanation of how media deception works. It was created on 3/29/2003, in 2 /1h hours on the spur of the moment after a CNN broadcast chock full of 1/2 truths about Iraq infuriated me. I jumped off of my couch and 3 hours later a site called “Guilty Media” was posted to my personal home page. The response was so huge that I did it for real and started By 4/11/2004 was launched.

As I built the 250 or so pages that the site now has I have altered my approach and I will continue to do. My earlier work, while being fair and accurate, is clearly partisan in my support for Democrats. This is not because I support them exclusively, it is because I feel that there has never been a more dangerous group of people in the White House; and at the same time we have never had a news media so badly misrepresent the people who govern us, To set the record straight I lean left on many issues and I lean right on many issues. I do however feel that the current administration does not represent Republican values. I do not even consider them Republicans. To me they are some rogue group that hijacked the party and have completely circumvented the rule of law in order to advance their agenda. This of course is an opinion, not a claimed fact. has no particular fondness or disdain for the Democrats or for the Republicans who govern us. There are good and bad people in both parties. As a matter of fact we feel that the two party system and our money driven campaign system has all but destroyed the notion of a true democracy. I think our position would be more obvious if there were a change in leadership. Perhaps then our coverage and commentary would better reflect our non-position. will not consider its “mission accomplished” if John Kerry is elected. Our mission is to educate people about media deception. This problem will no doubt continue after the next election, regardless of who is in office.

In response to several messages from our readers we are going to make this very clear right now; will watchdog the media’s coverage of a John Kerry presidency if there is one. We will do so as passionately as we currently watch the media and news reporting. We will do this regardless If this means exposing the media’s unfair negative or inaccurate positive representation of a President Kerry. We will do our best to set the record straight. As usual your comments and advice will always be taken seriously as we continue our mission.

In a nutshell, we want the truth from the media. We don’t want to be told that a nation posed a threat to us when it did not, and we don’t want to be told that a presidential candidate is not qualified to be president because he screamed at a rally. We want accurate information without opinion. This is journalism. We will continue to point out what our mainstream media refuses to.

Thank you for your continued support.
Jesse - Editor -

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