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Peace and Justice Movement: Wake Up!


The collective voice of the current peace movement is unprecedented in history. If we keep screaming simply to tell people we are here our 15 minutes of fame will fade fast and take with it the most powerful voice the people ever had and the best chance we ever had to be heard. We must not dwindle this opportunity by simply annoying our opposition. We must use this power to actually say something, not just announce our presence. The bottom line is that we have to help the peace movement to understand how to address the root of the problem. We must think realistically about what results we expect from our actions. I feel that we should envision the goal and plot the path back to where we are.

The Goal: Convert non believers. It is the only goal that will realistically achieve results. We have to reduce as much support for the war as possible. How do we do this? Not by shouting our views, but by converting the uninformed brainwashed Bushwhacked masses.

The Root of the Problem: Once you realize that 1/2 of the American population thinks Iraq was responsible for 9/11 you will realize the problem, the press is letting them believe that. Not by actually lying but by telling 1/2 the story and remain silent when lies are told by the White House.

Kill the roots and the tree dies.

This will be most effective as a combined coordinated effort by many large organizations. Contact the other big organizations and tell them to focus their message. If we simply inform the public of what the press ignores we will win support! People do not know the facts! Use these flyers. Vague slogans do not win support, they just let us vent. Venting does nothing to win support. We must inform!!! It is the only way to win support!

Example of a useless slogan: “Support the troops.” What does that mean?  Waving a flag as we send them to invade a nation under false pretenses? Let’s tell them how Bush supports the troops by cutting all the veterans benefits. Look at this flyer for an example. This is effective. Slogans are not.

After giving this much thought I have come up with a multi angled plan of attack. The details can be worked out along with the logistics. This author is looking to lead or contribute to any viable real effort to implement an agenda to return journalism to Americans.

Although I am applying this concept to the Iraq conflict it can and should be applied to all the other issues related to the Bush administration. Use the same approach, simply replace the specifics. For example instead of addressing the issues on Iraq we can expose the Bush White house. For instance, an issue to cite might be “John Poindexter, a convicted felon, convicted of lying to Congress, is now the Director of the Information Awareness Office”. Or “Several convicted felons, including John Poindexter and Elliot Abrahms have been appointed by President Bush, who had promised during his presidential campaign to bring honor back to the White House,” etc. This is important. We can not stop at the Iraq conflict; we must expose the Bush Administration.


  • Refocus the message of the mass protests. – The current message of the peace protests are effective in letting people know that there are many of us against the war, but they do nothing to win over people who support the war. The mass voice of the peace movement must now be used to inform the uninformed. I have yet to meet a war supporter who is aware of the facts.
    • Create a 1 page flyer to hand to pro war supporters (I have created one, but obviously many can be created - click here for a pdf copy of it. Here is another interesting Iraq quiz. ). This flyer should do the following:
      • Acknowledge our respect for their decision to support the war effort
      • Ask them to test themselves to see if they made a good decision to support the war.
      • Create a 10 question list where we list 10 facts underlying the truth about Iraq conflict. These questions should be posed in a way that they can check off a column answering yes or no, as to if they were aware of the fact. For example The columns should be  YES/NO/ARE YOU AWARE OF. In the ARE YOU AWARE OF column you list facts, such as “The US has given what has been proven to be forged evidence of Iraq purchasing nuclear weapons”. Another fact might be “Since 1986, France has used its UN Security Council veto 3 times, while the US has used it 31 times.
      • Leave a place for the reader to total up the answers.
      • State that if they say yes to 5 or less questions that they might want to learn the facts before making a decision on an important issue such as war.
      • State that if they scored more than 5 that we respect their decision but we question their ethics and morals.
      • State that it is OK to make an uninformed decision when you are picking sides at the Superbowl, but when war, killing and murder are involved they would be doing humanity an injustice.
      • Provide a reference on the Internet (and use a reputable source), where they can reference the listed facts. We have to prepare a web site that can perhaps link to all the references from one place.
    • Change the signs. “No War for Oil” does nothing to inform the public. As an example we need to create many signs with messages such as: (Cite as many unreported stories as we can).
      • CNN, MSNBS, FOX, Half a story is Half a lie.
      • Mr. Bush, Explain the forged evidence
      • CNN, Why didn’t you tell us about the forged evidence.
      • The blood is on the hands of CNN, MSNBC and FOX. They have been keeping the information from the people”
      • Rest In Peace - American Journalism (superimposed over a gravestone.)
      • Picture depicting Bush having his behind kissed by a reporter.
      • Messages telling the press that they are a disgrace. (We have to make them feel guilty)
      • The World Does Not Hate Us, They Just Know the Facts,
      • God Bless America – Replace Bless with the word Forgive
      • Make signs advertising valid sources of information, such as or direct links to reputable international news sites, such as the Toronto Star, or the Guardian in the UK.
    • Change the speeches, and the speakers. No more preaching to the choir. The speeches must directly address the issues that have not been reported. I refer to the same facts mentioned above, i.e. forged data, old invalid intelligence sources, the truth about the French, the US and the vetoes. We need to continually point out that the responsibility lies with the press and that they have disgraced the institution of journalism. They have lost the respect of the international world of journalists and they have made a fool of America to the world, all of whom are more informed than we are. Speakers must be exciting and dynamic. Fewer, more effective speakers will have a greater impact than numerous lame speakers. You can always announce high profile participants but they don’t all have to give a speech. Their presence is powerful enough.
    • When being interviewed relentlessly be on the attack. The issue is no longer that the press is not listening to us; the issue is that the press has held back way too much information and it is an outrage!
  • Refocus the target of the mass protests.
    • Marching to an empty White house does nothing for our cause. It is becoming fodder for right wing radio and the like. It does nothing to win over the less informed.
    • We must direct our protest to the major media.
    • We must protest in front of all of the AM TV Shows with live street views. We must harass the news centers as well.
  • Ask the world to help. – THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT!
    • We must create a one page form letter asking the news media all around the world to help us expose the failure of the American Press. We must have thousands, hundreds of thousands of people; send e-mail to every news organizations around the world pointing out the failure of the American Press. We must provide a list of stories that are not getting covered in the US, including every international treaty that we have withdrawn from, every detail leading up to the war that we have not been told, everything! Let the International Press tell our story!
  • Be Relentless! Keep passing the information around. Here is what this site does. Every time you visit this site you generate an annoying pop up. Why do we subject you to this? Because every 2 pop ups generated by this site causes this page to pop up somewhere else. We are informing the clueless people out there. You can help by spreading the word.


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