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Iraq War Crimes




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Listed here are news stories about events in Iraq that are or can be considered war crimes. We have added Afghanastan related stories here too.

Bush and Blair - “The Killer B’s!” Coined by June 1, 2003! Spread the word!

Here is another example of Bush hypocrisy; he pulls the US out of the World Court excludes American from participating so that no American can be charged with a war crime, but he and his clan keep screaming about Iraqi war criminals! How does he get away with it? Are most Americans stupid or are they just bad people? I can not figure out what is happening to this country.

  • Lawyers' panel indicts Bush, Blair - US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair deserve life sentences, with the possibility of parole after 25 years, for the war crimes and genocide in Iraq, according to a lawyers' panel. - The tribunal found Bush guilty on 13 counts, Blair guilty of eight crimes, Koizumi guilty on four counts and Arroyo guilty of aiding and abetting the other defendants of crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity, Abe said. - Bush is guilty of genocide for the use of "devastating" economic sanctions, as well as war crimes for attacks against civilians and the use of indiscriminate weapons, such as cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons. The attack on Falluja also makes him guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • British soldier admits war crime - A British soldier has become the first to admit to a war crime after pleading guilty to inhumanely treating Iraqi civilians, at a court martial.

Victims of the peace decide Americans are worse than Saddam - “None of the American promises has happened. It is unbelievable what has happened,”  - TVNL comments: Folks, you may want to e-mail or hand a printout of this article to all the war supporters that you know; including the people in the media!

World Court:

  • Photos Indicate Civilians Slain Execution-Style - Los Angeles Times - Photographs taken by a Marine intelligence team have convinced investigators that a Marine unit killed as many as 24 unarmed Iraqis, some of them "execution-style," in the insurgent stronghold of Haditha after a roadside bomb killed an American in November, officials close to the investigation said Friday. - The pictures are said to show wounds to the upper bodies of the victims, who included several women and six children. Some were shot in the head and some in the back, congressional and defense officials said.
  • U.S. Will Seek Extension of Deal to Exempt American Peacekeepers From Prosecution by International Criminal Court - Last year's battle pitted the United States against countries around the world, including close European allies, Canada and Mexico.
  • UN in fix over US call on world court - The move addressed American fears that the court would be used to pursue political grievances against US troops. - The exemption was adopted unanimously, but amid some acrimony, after the US threatened to veto future peacekeeping missions. - TVNL asks: Should the French start dumping bottles of Coke into the street because the US threatened to use a veto? Should they stop eathing American cheese and start eating Empire cheese?
  • US warning over criminal court - Washington has asked the UN to grant US peacekeepers another year's exemption from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court. - TVNL asks: Why would we do this if we did not believe we were committing war crimes? This is just like admitting guilt.
  • US plays aid card to fix war crimes exemption - TVNL comment: The Bush/PNAC administration has 2 methods of diplomacy; bribery and threats.
  • Rumsfeld Threatens NATO HQ Over Belgian Crimes Law - Washington lambasted a Belgian law on Thursday which could put Iraq war commander General Tommy Franks and other officials in the dock, and vowed to block spending on NATO's new Brussels HQ while the law stands.
  • U.S. cuts aid over war crime court - The United States could begin cutting military aid to countries that fail to sign an agreement exempting American military and other personnel from prosecution in the International Criminal Court. - TVNL points out: We are actually forcing the world to permit us to commit war crimes!
  • U.S.: End Bully Tactics against Court - With the expiration of its July 1 deadline to cut off military aid to states supporting the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Bush administration should end its ill-conceived campaign to weaken the court, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.
  • 5 Nations: No Americans to Int'l Court - Non-governmental organizations claim Washington has pushed countries into signing the deals by saying it will withhold humanitarian aid or military support and even blocking NATO membership.
  • US attacked over UN resolution - US officials are objecting to a section of the resolution which refers to attacks on humanitarian workers as a war crime under the statutes of the newly-established International Criminal Court (ICC). - Washington does not recognise the court. - Human Rights Watch has accused the US of waging an ill-conceived and ideologically-driven crusade against the court and in the process, compromising efforts to protect aid workers.
  • US will deny aid to countries that refuse court immunity deals - The United States aims to secure agreements "with every country in the world" guaranteeing immunity for its citizens from any prosecution from the new International Criminal Court (ICC), and will cut off military aid to countries which do not comply. - TVNL Comment; The US want permission to break the law. America is the only nation that wants the right to commit war crimes! Imagine that?
  • Cherie Booth attacks US on International Criminal Court - Speaking in Washington during a panel discussion on human rights and international law at Georgetown University, the Prime Minister's wife said it was "inconceivable" that the United States would not allow prosecution of its own nationals accused of war crimes abroad. She said that the court would put "tyrants and torturers in the dock" and was a "shining example" of how human rights could be enacted.
  • U.S. Should Stop Sanctioning Allies Over ICC - High Political Price Tag for Anti-Court Policy - "It makes no sense for the United States to continue penalizing emerging democracies trying hard to support the rule of law," - The Bush administration has long been hostile to the creation of the ICC. Most U.S. allies support the court.
  • US seeks war crimes exemption extension - The United States has circulated a draft Security Council resolution to give US peacekeeping troops another one year exemption from prosecution by the world court at The Hague. - The US has since persuaded more than 60 countries to agree to bilateral immunity deals, lobbying hard and threatening to cut military assistance to those that do not sign an accord. - Under the draft resolution, nations which have not ratified the court's founding statute would be exempt from investigation or prosecution for 12 months. - It also specifies the one year period is renewable "for as long as may be necessary". - TVNL Comment: Is the world so stupid as to let this continue?
  • U.S. Tries to Get Off the Hook on War Crimes - Ahead of U.N. Resolution on Iraq, U.S. Tries to Exclude Its Troops from Prosecution - Without prior notice to members of the U.N. Security Council, the United States yesterday demanded an immediate vote to renew contentious Security Council Resolution 1487. This measure grants immunity to personnel in U.N. authorized or approved operations from states that have not ratified the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty.


  • US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah - Powerful new evidence emerged yesterday that the United States dropped massive quantities of white phosphorus on the Iraqi city of Fallujah during the attack on the city in November 2004, killing insurgents and civilians with the appalling burns that are the signature of this weapon. - "Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone ... I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 metres is done for."
  • Bush Policies Led to Abuse in Iraq - The 38-page report, “The Road to Abu Ghraib,” examines how the Bush administration adopted a deliberate policy of permitting illegal interrogation techniques – and then spent two years covering up or ignoring reports of torture and other abuse by U.S. troops.
  • The Road to Abu Ghraib - REPORT: A Policy to Evade International Law - Circumventing the Geneva Conventions - Undermining the Rules Against Torture
  • Bush War Crimes Motion Filed - Article removed! Hmmm...
  • Iraqi children killed by America - A powerful image of reality.
  • Is the War (Invasion) Illegal?
  • Iraqi Soldiers Stripped and Humiliated by US Soldiers
  • Iraq TV Raid may Break Geneva Convention
  • US Blocks Human Rights Debates in Iraq
  • US Accused of War Crimes Against Journalists
  • Tommy Franks on the Hot Seat
  • War Crimes Charges Going Ahead
  • War crimes Probe Focuses on U.S.
  • Gorbachev Says U.S. 'Cast Aside" International Law to go to War With Iraq
  • Is Bush a War Criminal?
  • US Troops 'Encouraged' Iraqi Looters
  • "We are trigger happy when we come out of combat." - "The only people we saw we shot."
  • Iraq in danger of starvation, says UN
  • 'Make Bush and Blair stand trial over Iraq'
  • Iraqi children killed by rocket
  • War crimes complaint against U.S. commander filed in Belgium
  • General named in war crimes lawsuit
  • US anger at war crimes threat
  • America threatens to move Nato after Franks is charged
  • Should the Belgian Law Suit Accusing the US of War Crimes in Iraq be Taken Seriously
  • Remains of toxic bullets litter Iraq
  • Senators Criticize Rumsfeld Over Instability Plaguing Iraq
  • Coalition Troops Are Accused of Torture
  • Baghdad pays the postwar price: 242 die in three weeks - TVNL suggestion: When you illegally invade a nation for the purpose of occupation you should have a damn plan!!!
  • U.S. cluster bombs still hurt Iraqi town - Critics wonder if attack that killed hundreds of civilians was necessary.
  • Allied use of cluster bombs illegal, minister admits
  • Troops 'vandalize' ancient city of Ur
  • Psyop: The Love’s Not Mutual - The U.S. military is using Metallica and the ‘Barney’ theme song as instruments of coercion in Iraq
  • Gen. Franks, top U.S. commander, decides to retire - TVNL comments: It’s cheaper than moving NATO’s headquarters!
  • Surveys pointing to high civilian death toll in Iraq - Preliminary reports suggest casualties well above the Gulf War.
  • Red Cross denied access to PoWs - Up to 3,000 Iraqis - some of them civilians - believed to be gagged, bound, hooded and beaten at US camps close to Baghdad airport
  • U.S. To Evict Homeless Iraqis From Public Buildings - The U.S.-led occupation forces decided to evict Iraqis, driven homeless by the Anglo-American bombardment of their country, including residential areas, from public buildings they have been taking shelter in.
  • A New Holocaust - The Genocidal Policies of the US
  • Slain Spanish cameraman's family files suit - Relatives of a Spanish cameraman killed in a U.S. tank attack on a Baghdad hotel asked Spain's high court on Tuesday to investigate and put on trial three U.S. soldiers.
  • Journalist Deaths in Baghdad Hotel Avoidable - The killing of two journalists, including a Reuters TV cameraman, by U.S. tank fire in Baghdad in April was not deliberate but could have been avoided, a journalist's watchdog group said on Tuesday.
  • Pentagon was warned over policing Iraq - Pentagon ignored repeated warnings that it would need a substantial military police force ready to deploy after the invasion to provide law and order in the postwar chaos
  • Blair faces war crimes suit - Greek lawyers say they are going to sue British officials - including Prime Minister Tony Blair - for their role in the Iraq war.
  • 'Torture' snaps: man held - A BRITISH soldier has been arrested over sickening “torture” photos of an Iraqi prisoner. They show a PoW dangling from a fork-lift truck. Others allegedly depict soldiers committing sex acts near captured Iraqis. - TVNL asks: Is this liberation Bush style?
  • Revealed: the cluster bombs that litter Iraq - Its revelation raises fresh questions for Tony Blair and George Bush, who insisted that post-conflict Iraq would be a safer place than it was under Saddam Hussein. - The map reveals that hundreds, or possibly thousands, of the bombs - which produce hundreds of 'bomblets' scattered out over a large area - failed to detonate.
  • 'Occupiers are failing desperate city - Aid agencies have accused the British and United States governments of failing to meet their legal obligations to the people of Iraq.
  • War crime threat to Blair - The mother of a North soldier who died in the Gulf has said that Tony Blair should be prosecuted as a war criminal if no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq.
  • Belgium rethinks war crimes law - Belgium's governing parties are scrambling to amend a controversial law which some fear could be used in a war crimes lawsuit against US President George W Bush. - "I expect there to be, any day, a suit against President Bush in Belgium," said Herman De Croo, president of the lower house of parliament.
  • War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say - At least 5,000 civilians may have been killed during the invasion of Iraq, an independent research group has claimed. As more evidence is collated, it says, the figure could reach 10,000. - Iraq Body Count (IBC), a volunteer group of British and US academics and researchers, compiled statistics on civilian casualties from media reports and estimated that between 5,000 and 7,000 civilians died in the conflict. - TVNL asks: How many died on 9/11? Isn’t the killing of innocent civillians terrorism? No wonder Bush wants out of the World Court!
  • America and war crimes - The US has bribed and bullied over thirty countries to help it cripple and if possible destroy the ICC, but the great majority of nations (including many of the bullied ones) consider it a major advance in international cooperation
  • Unexploded cluster bombs blanket Iraqi cities - New evidence emerged this month of the widespread use by US and British forces of deadly cluster bombs in densely populated areas of Iraq - Each bomb contains hundreds of small bomblets, of which anywhere from five to 25 percent fail to explode on impact. Their bright yellow or orange color and interesting shape attract small children, and they look similar to food ration packages distributed by the occupation authorities. When set off, they erupt with enough force to destroy a tank, killing anyone within 10 to 20 meters.
  • Hundreds of Iraqis Killed By Faulty Grenades - Hundreds and possibly thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed or maimed by outdated, defective U.S. cluster weapons that lack a safety feature other countries have added, according to observers, news reports and officials. U.S. cluster weapons fired during the war in March and April dispersed thousands of small grenades on battlefields and in civilian neighborhoods to destroy Iraqi troops and weapons systems.
  • US TROOPS ADMIT SHOOTING IRAQI CIVILIANS - American troops today admitted they routinely gun down Iraqi civilians - some of whom are entirely innocent.
  • WAR CRIMES ACCUSATIONS - War crimes lawsuits have been filed in Belgium against US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Authorities said Bush and Blair are among eight top officials implicated in the lawsuits.
  • Group: U.S. Iraqi Detentions Violate Law - Amnesty International said Monday it has gathered evidence that points to U.S. violations of international law by subjecting Iraqi prisoners to ``cruel, inhuman or degrading'' conditions at its detention centers here. - TVNL comment: The invasion itself violated both national and international law!
  • Soldiers fear they're acting illegally - BRITISH soldiers fear they could be acting illegally while serving in Iraq and could face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court. - Soldiers believe that if the government did lie, or misrepresent the case for war, then the occupation and any actions taken by serving soldiers in the Gulf would be illegal and could leave them open to prosecution.
  • Amnesty Criticizes U.S. Interrogations - An Iraqi businessman detained during a raid on his home says U.S. interrogators deprived him of sleep, forced him to kneel naked and kept him bound hand and foot with a bag over his head for eight days. - TVNL asks: Is this Bush’s idea of liberation? Are we supposed to believe that this person will not go home and hang a big picture of the smoldering World Trade Towers up in his home now? George Bush & PNAC; creating anti-Americanism so you won’t have to!
  • The Most Egregious War Crime - Recently Bush’s handlers again instructed him to make noises about charging Saddam Hussein and his top lieutenants with war crimes. With characteristic hypocrisy Bush’s condemnations of Hussein came at a time when he was facing charges of war crimes himself from Belgium’s Justice Ministry, and they came when the world is starting to realize that America’s use of Depleted Uranium weapons is a war crime.
  • Four U.S. Soldiers Charged in Iraqi POW Abuse Case - ``Four soldiers have been charged based on allegations of mistreatment,'' said Balice, who declined to identify the soldiers or to detail the allegations.
  • Troops Accused of Killing in Mosul - U.S. Denies Allegation That Its Forces Fired On Crowd After Clash "Why did the Americans kill my son?" said Basil Hamed Azawi, 63. "By God, I say to you, I thought it was better to have good relations with the Americans and repair our country. But now the Americans have lost any relationship with Iraq. How can I face them now? What should I do? What can I do?" - Neighbors here said Hamed was killed on Tuesday by U.S. soldiers who fired into a crowd of young, unarmed Iraqis who were throwing rocks at the troops, shortly after the fierce firefight in which U.S. troops killed the two sons of former president Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay.  - TVNL comment: Another striking similarity between America under the Bush/PNAC administration and the Sharon led Israeli government. It is hard to tell the difference these days!
  • The killing of Hussein’s sons: the Nuremberg precedent and the criminalization of the US ruling elite
  • American agents are blamed for raid that became a massacre - The American killing of up to 11 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad during an abortive attempt to seize Saddam Hussein on Sunday has provoked disturbing questions as well as widespread anger in the city. Many witnesses now say armed Americans in civilian clothes also participated in the raid - after which at least three of the wounded were spirited away by US troops and have not been seen since.
  • US Colonel Kidnaps, Holds Family of Iraqi General Hostage - Col. David Hogg, a U.S. commander in Iraq, has admitted taking hostages to flush out an Iraqi General. The admission appeared in Monday's Washington Post more as bragging than the admission of a crime.
  • US debates bid to kill Hussein and avoid trial - Senior Bush administration officials are debating whether to order military commanders to kill rather than capture Saddam Hussein to avoid an unpredictable trial that could stir up nationalist Arab sentiments and embarrass Washington by publicizing past US support for the deposed Iraqi dictator, according to defense and intelligence officials. - TVNL comment: This is illegal according to international law. This is murder. Period, end of story. The US is indeed a dangerous rogue nation under the Bush/PNAC administration.
  • Officials confirm dropping firebombs on Iraqi troops - We napalmed both those (bridge) approaches," said Col. Randolph Alles in a recent interview. He commanded Marine Air Group 11, based at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, during the war. "Unfortunately, there were people there because you could see them in the (cockpit) video.
  • Officer cleared of Iraqi war crimes - Despite being cleared of war crimes, Colonel Collins is still waiting for the completion of a separate inquiry into the running of a battalion while it was under his command.
  • Farah tried to plead with the US troops but she was killed anyway - For while the media are encouraged to count each US death, the Iraqi civilians who have died at American hands since the fall of Saddam's regime have been as uncounted as their names have been unacknowledged.
  • US torturing Camp X-ray prisoners - lawyer - Bourke said the methods “clearly” fell under the definition of torture under international conventions. - “They are engaging in good old-fashioned torture, as people would have understood it in the Dark Ages,” he said.- “One of the detainees had described being taken out and tied to a post and having rubber bullets fired at them. They were being made to kneel in the sun until they collapsed,” he said.
  • Guantanamo detentions blasted - A senior Red Cross official has launched a rare attack on the US detention of al-Qaeda and Taleban suspects at Guantanamo Bay. - Christophe Girod told the New York Times it was unacceptable that the 600 detainees should be held for open-ended terms without proper legal process.
  • US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops - Americans accused of brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers, while British are condemned as too soft - US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops. - TVNL Comment: The US is taking another page out of the Israeli policy handbook.
  • Eight Marines Charged in Iraq Death - ight Marine reservists stationed at Camp Pendleton have been charged in connection with the June death of an Iraqi man who was held at a detention facility in Iraq, authorities said. - Two of the men, Maj. Clark A. Paulus and Lance Cpl. Christian Hernandez, face negligent homicide charges, said staff Sgt. Bill Lisbon, a Marine spokesman at Camp Pendleton. Charges against the other six range from assault to dereliction of duty. - "In the rush to war with Iraq, providing the mandatory training to reservists seems to have had little if any priority with the Pentagon," Rehkopf told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in Saturday's editions.- In a separate case, four military police from a Pennsylvania-based Army Reserve unit were charged in July with punching, kicking and breaking bones of prisoners at Camp Bucca, the largest U.S.-run POW camp in Iraq. Those soldiers and their families have denied the accusations.
  • US failure to count civilian deaths 'incredible' - The refusal by the US army to count the number of Iraqi civilians killed by US soldiers in Baghdad has been strongly condemned by Human Rights Watch.- Human Rights Watch collected evidence of 94 civilians being killed by the US army in the capital and confirmed 20 cases between 1 May and 30 September. The report said civilians were most likely to be killed during raids, at checkpoints, and after ambushes. "In all three circumstances soldiers often quickly resorted to lethal force," it said. Part of the problem was the use of combat troops for what are essentially policing duties. - In some cases troops behave with unnecessary rudeness towards civilians such as putting their feet on the heads of captive Iraqis when they are lying on the ground. The report says that "in Iraqi culture, the use of the feet against another person is highly insulting". The tying up and hooding of suspects, often for hours, also creates lasting bitterness.
  • Group Faults U.S. Tactics Against Civilians in Iraq - U.S. forces have killed at least 94 civilians in Baghdad since May 1 "in questionable circumstances" but faced investigation in only five incidents, encouraging soldiers to believe they can fire with impunity, a human rights group said in a report released Tuesday.
  • Military: Iraqi Detainee Was Strangled - A Baath Party official who died in a detention camp in southern Iraq suffocated after a U.S. Marine reservist grabbed him by the neck and snapped a bone in his throat, according to a military investigation.
  • Foreign Civilians Killed In Iraq - Details Are Murky; 3 U.S. Contractors Were in Army Convoy - An assault on a convoy west of Baghdad Saturday killed at least three civilians and wounded at least two, the deadliest single attack on the firms hired to provide basic services for occupation authorities. A U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter was also shot down near the northern town of Tikrit, injuring one crew member. - The Associated Press said the vehicles belonged to European Landmine Solutions, a British company. The AP quoted David Rasmussen, an American employee of the firm who was wounded in the attack, and an Iraqi security guard, Laith Yousef -- both of whom were traveling in the convoy -- as saying their vehicles were attacked by American forces. - A CBS cameraman, Nick Turner, who reached the scene minutes after the attack, said in an interview that an American man and a British woman were killed. In addition, he said, three Iraqis were killed and three people wounded, he said. - Saying he saw a U.S. convoy heading toward the scene of the attack shortly before the roadside bomb detonated, Turner raised the possibility that the civilians had been caught in crossfire between U.S. forces and Iraqi attackers.
  • Embattled US troops kill civilians - Five Iraqis have been killed and several civilians seriously injured by US troops on a day of resistance attacks that left around 20 occupation soldiers wounded.
  • Family sues over Iraqi killings - A Manchester-based Iraqi family is launching legal action against the Ministry of Defence for the deaths of 10 relatives in the recent war. - It is also believed to be the first time any civilians have taken action against the government for its role in a war. - Three generations of the family died on 5 April, when coalition forces accidentally destroyed their home in Basra, southern Iraq.
  • Army Accuses Officer in Iraq Of Firing Pistol Near Prisoner - The Army has charged one of its battalion commanders in Iraq with abusing a prisoner during an interrogation by firing his pistol near him, the officer's lawyer said yesterday.
  • Iraqi child crushed by US tank - A six-year-old Iraqi child has been crushed to death by an American tank. - The incident was said to be reminiscent of scenes caused by the Israeli occupation of Palestine as the child was crushed underneath the tank's tracks. - The tragedy occurred during clashes between US troops and Iraqi civilians in the Abu Ghraib area, on the outskirts of Baghdad.
  • Blair waged war illegally, say leading lawyers - Tony Blair is facing a formal complaint to the international war-crimes tribunal by a panel of senior international legal experts for unlawfully waging war in Iraq. - The allegations centre on Iraqi civilian deaths caused by British cluster bombs, the targeting of power stations and the use of toxic depleted uranium shells against tanks. - Lawyers advising the panel allege that these tactics have led to thousands of avoidable civilian casualties - in breach of the Geneva Conventions. The case against the Prime Minister is strengthened, they claim, by his failure to get UN sanction for the war.
  • John Pilger: `Bring the criminals to justice’ - This demonstration, and our anger, is not simply directed at a foreign politician we don't like and like to poke fun at. It's directed at the criminality of George W Bush. In attacking Iraq, Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair and PM John Howard broke every rule of international behaviour and every convention of international law. - To call them war criminals is not to take a cheap shot. It is to speak the truth. In 1946, the judges at the Nuremberg war crimes trials said that unprovoked aggression against another state was, and I quote, “the supreme international war crime because it contains all the evils of other war crimes. - There is now no doubt that at least 10,000 civilans were killed in Iraq by Bush and Blair's forces, backed by Howard. If you count the Iraqi teenagers conscripted into the army, the figure is probably more than 30,000.
  • Shocking images shame US forces - A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage.
  • Iraq war killed 21,000 to 55,000: report estimates - Between 21,000 and 55,000 people had died as a direct result of the war in Iraq, most of them Iraqi soldiers and civilians, according to a report released today. - An Associated Press survey in June found that at least 3,240 civilians died in Iraq in the month following the war's start on March 20, a shorter period than the Medact estimate - That count, the first attempt to tally civilian deaths nationwide, was only fragmentary and the AP concluded that the complete number, if it is ever determined, would surely be significantly higher.
  • U.S. Troops Kill Five Civilians in Iraq - U.S. troops opened fire on a truck carrying live chickens near the tense town of Fallujah, killing five civilians aboard the vehicle, including a father and his two sons, relatives said Wednesday. - ``They went to bring chickens ... and they came back at 9 or 10 at night and we were waiting for them,'' said Khalid Khalifa al-Jumaily, whose two nephews were killed on the truck. ``The Americans fired on them.''
  • Three Pennsylvania soldiers opt for court-martial - The four were charged in August in connection with a May 12 incident at Camp Bucca prison camp in Iraq. They were accused of punching, kicking and breaking the bones of Iraqi prisoners of war. A total of 10 soldiers were initially investigated.
  • Three Soldiers Are Charged With Assault on Prisoners - The Army has charged three Reserve soldiers with assaulting Iraqi prisoners in southern Iraq six months ago. - In an arraignment at an Army base in Kuwait on Saturday, three members of the 320th Military Police Battalion of Ashley, Pa., were accused of kicking and punching Iraqi prisoners that they were taking to a camp near Basra on May 12, Army officials said Tuesday.
  • US TROOPS KILL IRAQI BOY, REBELS - A 12-year-old Iraqi boy and four insurgents have been killed in a clash with US troops in the northern city of Mosul. - Police also said four bystanders were wounded, as were two US soldiers in the twin clashes in Mosul city centre.
  • Iraqi general dies in custody - A GENRAL of Saddam Hussein's dissolved armed forces has died under interrogation by US forces, in a death that a US military statement Thursday said "appeared" to be from natural causes.
  • Mortar Shells Kill Soldier in Mosul, Iraq - Four mortar shells hit a U.S. military compound Friday in the northern city of Mosul, killing a soldier from the 101st Airborne Division, the military said.
  • We will never be 'silenced' - Save the Children UK will continue to speak out when the interests of Iraqi children are at stake - Prior to the war, Save the Children repeatedly warned of the humanitarian consequences of military action. In February 2003, we told the international development select committee that there was little evidence that government and international agencies were prepared for ensuring people were fed during and after a war, and had access to clean water and other health essentials.
  • Civilian deaths raise Iraqi fears, anger - A recent report released by Human Rights Watch in New York said the organization's researchers in Baghdad had found "credible" reports of 94 civilian deaths by American firepower in the capital alone, between May 1 and Oct. 1. - TVNL Comment: But they are better off now that the Americans are killing them, It was much worse when Saddam was killing them.
  • US Army Uses Bulldoze Threat to Get Iraqis to Talk - In a tactic used by Israeli authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip but new to Iraq, a bulldozer was positioned in front of the house ready to destroy it. - TVNL Comment: Made popular by the Bush/PNAC role model, Ariel Sharon, this is a war crime. Of course the US and Israel do not have to follow international law so it’s OK.
  • US forces accused of Iraq 'massacre' - The US army came under renewed pressure on Wednesday over its conduct in a battle at the weekend in the central Iraqi town of Samarra, as Iran's senior religious leader accused the American forces of "a savage massacre" in which 54 locals were reportedly killed. - Hospital officials in Samarra said only eight people were killed, all of them civilians, including one Iranian pilgrim.
  • US under pressure to back claims over Iraq firefight - Pressure is mounting on the United States military to support its claim to have killed 54 Iraqi guerrillas in the biggest battle since George Bush declared an end to major combat seven months ago. - Scepticism about the US's version of the death toll has been expressed within upper echelons of the occupation authorities. A US combat leader who was involved in the battle has also denounced the military's account of the battle.
  • Tons of Depleted Uranium Polluting Iraq - Lisa Ashkenaz Croke, YellowTimes - U.S. forces unleashed at least 75 tons of toxic depleted uranium on Iraq during the war, reports the Christian Science Monitor. - "Radioactive? Oh, really?" was the response of a former director general of the ministry, when Peterson presented a Geiger counter registering emissions of 1,900 times normal from spent DU-coated bullets amongst the grounds at the Ministry of Planning.
  • US forces bomb Afghan family home - US forces in Afghanistan have admitted bombing a house near the city of Ghazni, in which at least 10 people, including nine children, were killed.
  • Health Ministry Ordered Halt to Counting of Civilian Dead From War, Iraqi Official Says - Iraqi Health Ministry officials ordered a halt to a count of civilian casualties from the war and told workers not to release figures already compiled, the head of the ministry's statistics department told The Associated Press on Wednesday. - TVNL Comment: OUTRAGEOUS!!!
  • Iraqi civilian deaths 'avoidable' - Hundreds of civilian deaths in the US-led invasion of Iraq could have been prevented, says Human Rights Watch. - It strongly criticises the use of cluster munitions in populated areas.
  • More than 1,000 Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. bombs, report says - Fifty U.S. airstrikes aimed at Saddam Hussein and other senior Iraqi leaders during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq failed to kill any of their targets but killed and injured dozens of civilians, said a report released Thursday. - The report, by New York-based Human Rights Watch, also said that the use of cluster munitions by U.S. and British forces killed and injured more than 1,000 civilians.
  • Arabs 'badly injured' in custody - Three Arabs arrested by US-led forces in Iraq have suffered serious injuries while in detention, the International Committee of the Red Cross says. - The three may be permanently disabled, A Red Cross spokesman in Amman said. - One of them had had his leg amputated at the knee while in custody.
  • Army shells pose cancer risk in Iraq - Depleted uranium shells used by British forces in southern Iraqi battlefields are putting civilians at risk from 'alarmingly high' levels of radioactivity.
  • Vatican slams handling of Saddam - A top Roman Catholic official has attacked the way Saddam Hussein was treated by his US captors, saying he had been dealt with like an animal. - The Vatican has consistently opposed the attack on Iraq and the cardinal added that it would be "illusory" to hope that Saddam Hussein's capture would "repair the dramas and the damage" the war had wrought
  • US troops kill four Iraqis - Tikrit - Four Iraqis, including a woman and a child, were killed Saturday when a US convoy opened fire on a car trying to overtake it in the northern town of Tikrit, police said..
  • US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque - Iraq's minority faith targeted in hunt for weapons - The American troops who burst into his mosque on Thursday morning had smashed down the front gate, broken the air conditioners and ripped up the carpets. They had also thrown several Korans on the floor and allegedly punched the man giving the call to prayer in the face. - TVNL Comment: America, creating more enemies each day!
  • UK Soldiers Kicked Iraqi Prisoner to Death - Report - Eight young Iraqis arrested in the southern Iraqi town of Basra last year were assaulted by British soldiers, and one of them died of his injuries, a British newspaper said in its Sunday edition.
  • Marine Charged With Lying About Killing - A Marine has been charged with making false statements after he said he shot an Iraqi soldier twice in the back of the head and killed another following a grenade attack on his comrades in Baghdad last year.
  • Rights groups denounce US handling of Iraqi compo cases - Two human rights groups have lambasted the US military for its alleged callous handling of Iraqis who file for compensation over the killing or wounding of relatives by soldiers. - The rights group also lashed out at the military's failure to track civilian casualties, although the coalition has said it is nearly impossible when bodies are often quickly removed from the scene.
  • Group Accuses U.S. of War Crimes in Iraq - A top human rights group Tuesday accused the U.S. military of committing war crimes by demolishing homes of suspected insurgents and arresting the relatives of Iraqi fugitives. - TVNL Comment: As commonly practiced by the Israelis.
  • UK faces Iraq war crimes claims - A panel of legal experts has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the British Government for war crimes committed during the war in Iraq. - After gathering evidence about the number of civilian casualties and the weapons used during the Iraq conflict, the panel of experts has concluded there is cause for the ICC in The Hague to investigate British Prime Minister Tony Blair and senior members of his Cabinet for crimes against humanity.
  • Britain Faces ICC Investigation Into Use of Cluster Bombs - Britain is facing investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the use of cluster bombs by its troops in Iraq. Peacerights, a UK-based human rights group, yesterday issued an executive summary of a report on alleged war crimes committed by the British government and armed forces during the recent invasion of the Middle Eastern country.
  • Troops accused on Iraq killings - MoD faces lawsuits over deaths of 18 civilians - The Ministry of Defence is facing the prospect of a string of lawsuits over the deaths of at least 18 Iraqi civilians allegedly killed by British soldiers, the Guardian can reveal.
  • US troops suspended for POW abuse - Seventeen US soldiers have been suspended of duties pending the outcome of the investigation into allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners, a US officer said.
  • Military assault charges widen - 112 reported attacks on women in Afghan, gulf units stun senators  - The U.S. military is facing the gravest allegations of sexual misconduct in years, with dozens of servicewomen in the Persian Gulf area and elsewhere saying they were sexually assaulted or raped by fellow troops, lawmakers and victims advocates told senators Wednesday.
  • Iraqi youth drowned 'when British soldiers forced him to swim across canal' after arrest - British soldiers have been accused of forcing a 16-year-old Iraqi boy to his death in a canal in Basra. A witness claims he and Ahmad Jabbar Kareem were among four youths captured by British troops in the city last May, driven to the canal and ordered across. Three survived, but Ahmad, who could not swim, drowned.
  • US army admits killing Iraqi civilians - The US occupation army has admitted killing four civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk two days ago.
  • US condemned for Afghan 'abuses' - US-based Human Rights Watch accuses US personnel of using excessive force, carrying out arbitrary detentions and mistreating people in custody. - Such behaviour, it concludes, sends a message that "the US operates on a set of double standards", which also undermines support for its war on terror.
  • Our pilots refused to bomb 40 times - Australia's F/A-18 pilots defied the orders of American commanders and refused to drop their bombs on up to 40 missions during the invasion of Iraq, it can now be revealed. - Squadron Leader Daryl Pudney last week described how he and other Australian F/A-18 pilots were forced to weigh up the risk of civilian casualties in a split second before dropping their bombs. - He said pilots broke off many missions after they saw the target and decided there was not a valid military reason to drop their bombs.
  • Citizens find Bush guilty of Afghan war crimes - A citizens' tribunal in Tokyo found U.S. President George W. Bush guilty of war crimes for attacking civilians with indiscriminate weapons and other arms during the U.S.-led antiterrorism operations in Afghanistan in 2001.
  • Soldiers likely to face abuse charges over photos - The charges are expected to include indecent acts, assault, cruelty, maltreatment, conspiracy, and dereliction of duty.
  • Amnesty demands US 'war crimes' inquiry - In a strongly-worded letter to US President George W Bush, the London-based human rights group expressed its outrage at the abuse of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers at the Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad. - "Amnesty International urges the US government to investigate the allegations at Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq, and other detention facilities to establish whether war crimes have been committed and ensure accountability at the highest level," it said.
  • Amnesty: UK troops shot civilians - "In several cases documented by Amnesty International, UK soldiers opened fire and killed Iraqi civilians in circumstances where there was apparently no imminent threat of death or serious injury to themselves or others," the report says.
  • US attacked over Afghan 'abuse' - US troops in Afghanistan have been accused of "systemic" abuse of prisoners by a human rights group.
  • CIA interrogations 'too brutal' - Unnamed counter-terrorism officials told the paper that CIA methods were so severe, the FBI had directed its agents to stay out of many of the interviews.
  • Blair faces 'war crimes' accusation - Rebel MP George Galloway has outlined plans to attempt to prosecute Prime Minister Tony Blair and two leading Government figures for war crimes. - Speaking at a press conference in London, Mr Galloway said: "We intend to table parliamentary questions and also write to the Attorney General to seek his permission, as we require, to begin a private prosecution against Mr Blair, Mr (Geoff) Hoon (Defence Secretary) and Mr (Adam) Ingram (Armed Forces Minister) for war crimes and the torture, which has been going on for more than a year."
  • Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings - Could Bush administration officials be prosecuted for 'war crimes' as a result of new measures used in the war on terror? The White House's top lawyer thought so - The concern about possible future prosecution for war crimes—and that it might even apply to Bush adminstration officials themselves
  • Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government' - For nearly 12 years, Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey was a hard-core, some say gung-ho, Marine. For three years he trained fellow Marines in one of the most grueling indoctrination rituals in military life - Marine boot camp. - They received pamphlets, propaganda we dropped on them. It said, "Just throw up your hands, lay down weapons." That's what they were doing, but we were still lighting them up. They weren't in uniform. We never found any weapons. -  Depleted uranium. I know what it does. It's basically like leaving plutonium rods around. I'm 32 years old. I have 80 percent of my lung capacity. I ache all the time. I don't feel like a healthy 32-year-old. - Q: Were you in the vicinity of of depleted uranium? A: Oh, yeah. It's everywhere. DU is everywhere on the battlefield. If you hit a tank, there's dust.
  • Over 40 Killed in U.S. Bombing of Iraq Village - Al Arabiya television said at least 41 civilians were killed Wednesday in a U.S. air raid on an Iraqi village celebrating a wedding. - Arabiya said the victims included women and children, and it showed pictures of several shrouded bodies lined up on a dirt road. Men were shown digging graves and lowering bodies, one of a child, into the pits while relatives wept. - "The U.S. planes dropped more than 100 bombs on us," an unidentified man who said he was from the village said on Al Arabiya. "They hit two homes where the wedding was being held and then they leveled the whole village. No bullets were fired by us, nothing was happening," he added. - He said between 42 and 45 people died, including 15 children and 10 women. Dr. Salah al-Ani, who works at a hospital in Ramadi, put the death toll at 45. - TVNL Comment: Can you say “Vietnam?”
  • Justice Memos Explained How to Skip Prisoner Rights - The confidential memorandums, several of which were written or co-written by John C. Yoo, a University of California law professor who was serving in the department, provided arguments to keep United States officials from being charged with war crimes for the way prisoners were detained and interrogated.
  • Exporting Abuse? - Wardens Chosen to Establish Iraq Prison System Had Past Abuse Allegations - A number of former state prison commissioners chosen by the Bush administration to establish a prison system in Iraq left their old posts after allegations of neglect, brutality and inmate deaths, an investigation by ABCNEWS has found.
  • Afghan Massacre: Eyewitnesses Testify that US Troops Were Complicit in the Massacre of up to 3,000 Taliban Prisoners During the Afghan War - "Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death." It was produced and directed by award-winning Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran. The film provides eyewitness testimony that U.S. troops were complicit in the massacre of thousands of Taliban prisoners during the Afghan War. - The film has sent shockwaves around the world. It has been broadcast on national television in Britain, Germany, Italy and Australia. It has been screened by the European parliament. It has outraged human rights groups and international human rights lawyers. They are calling for investigation into whether U.S. Special Forces are guilty of war crimes. - But most Americans have never heard of the film. That's because not one corporate media outlet in the U.S. will touch it.
  • Rumsfeld approved tough line: Pentagon - The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, personally approved aggressive interrogation techniques for suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners to extract more information about the September 11 attacks and help to prevent future ones, Pentagon officials said. - Mr Rumsfeld was presented with a request in December 2002 by Army Major-General Geoffrey Miller, a general with the Pentagon's Judge Advocate General's office said.
  • I just pulled the trigger'   - By their own admission these American soldiers have killed civilians without hesitation, shot wounded fighters and left others to die in agony.
  • US abuse could be war crime - Repeated abuses allegedly suffered by three British prisoners at the hands of US interrogators and guards in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp in Cuba could amount to war crimes, the Red Cross said yesterday. - The organisation, which maintains a rigidly neutral stance in public, took the unusual step of voicing its concerns in uncompromising language after the former detainees, known as the Tipton Three, revealed that they had been beaten, shackled, photographed naked and in one incident questioned at gunpoint while in US custody.


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