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If you can learn to identify the many tricks of deception used by Republicans, you will be better prepared to defeat them.

Thanks to Karl Rove the Republican party is a tight knit, united, effective propaganda machine. They are determined to support the agenda of the Bush administration. Dissent is not tolerated among the clan. They coordinate their efforts like no other American political party has before.

Mistakes Opponents Make - (LISTEN UP DEMOCRATS) Here you will find some mistakes made by the opposition to the Republicans. If they can avoid these mistakes perhaps they can end the madness that is the Bush administration. This of course can only happen if the apparent voting fraud is held to a minimum.

The Tricks: (Just a few for now) Check for updates, details on the way.

  • Restoring the American Community - The Republican Party would never win elections if they came out and said their core agenda was about selling America piece by piece to their campaign contributors and making sure that wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of a few. - TVNL Comment: MUST READ!
  • Exposing Karl Rove - He's America's Joseph Goebbels. As a 21-year old Young Republican in Texas, Karl Rove not only pimped for Richard Nixon's chief political dirty tricks strategist Donald Segretti but soon caught the eye of the incoming Republican National Committee Chairman, George H. W. Bush. Rove's dirty tricks on behalf of Nixon's 1972 campaign catapulted Rove onto the national stage. From his Eagle's Nest in the West Wing of the White House, Rove now directs a formidable political dirty tricks operation and disinformation mill.
  • Al Gore Myths - (A nice way of saying lies)
  • Israel, the Palestinians, Sharon, Arafat and George W. Bush - Karl is the master of the "divert attention and change the subject" strategy, after all.
  • Middle class tax burden set to rise - Studies say share of rich to decline - TVNL comment: And they say it is not class warefar?
  • The New Right Wing Agenda - What is the larger agenda behind the amazingly aggressive right wing moves coming from the White House?
  • Memo exposes Bush's new green strategy - The US Republican party is changing tactics on the environment, avoiding "frightening" phrases such as global warming, after a confidential party memo warned that it is the domestic issue on which George Bush is most vulnerable.
  • WMDs And The Psychology Of Fanaticism - This pathological pattern of disregarding inconvenient reality is not just troubling -- it's deadly.
  • P-I Focus: Power of presidency resides in language as well as law - What is overlooked is his mastery of emotional language -- especially negatively charged emotional language -- as a political tool. Take a closer look at his speeches and public utterances and his political success turns out to be no surprise. It is the predictable result of the intentional use of language to dominate others. - The first is empty language. This term refers to broad statements that are so abstract and mean so little that they are virtually impossible to oppose. Empty language is the emotional equivalent of empty calories...
  • GOP’s power play in the House - Goal of reforms gives way to tactics party once criticized - Nearly 10 years after winning control of the House by vowing a fairer and more open Congress, Republicans have tossed aside many of the institutional reforms they promised, increasingly employing hard-nosed tactics they decried a decade ago, according to numerous lawmakers and scholars.
  • Is God as Mean as the Republicans? - Somehow I Just can’t see Jesus with a "Kick Their Ass, Take Their Gas" Bumper Sticker. - A BUZZFLASH READER COMMENTARY - I keep seeing bumper stickers that say, "United We Stand." However, saying it doesn’t make it true. I think we are about as divided as I have ever seen us.
  • GOP-Led Congress Increasingly Defies Bush - TVNL comment: Why does the press only refer to the Democrats when discussing opposition to Bush/PNAC?
  • The Game Show Administration - "I call him the game show host. He's nothing but a G.D. game show host." This is how Gordon, a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, described our president, even before the Pentagon announced its now defunct plan to create a betting parlor to wager on (and profit from) terrorist attacks and assassinations.
  • Dems vs. GOP: Best Weapons Are the Facts - Both the Democrats and the Republicans need to recognize this basic point: For a nation that aspires to lead the Mideast toward democracy, lying to the American people about major policies is the antithesis of constitutional democracy.
  • Bush and the Neocon Termites are Destroying the US Government from Inside and Out - Our government is being corrupted. Our resources are being prostituted for politics. The far right chants its 'get rid of government" mantra and at the same time is not only starving it with federal tax cuts, but is also sordidly turning our government resources into gutted, empty, characterless, integrityless bastions of policy promotion, just like CATO, HERITAGE, AEI, PNAC, Hudson, etc..
  • Watchdog Reveals Effort to Gag Anti-Bush Causes - Muffling the Left - The Bush administration is actively seeking to gag or punish social service organizations that challenge the party line on such matters as health care for poor children and HIV prevention, according to a new report. Nonprofits that disagree with the president's own solutions, or go further and blame him for problems in the first place, have come to expect unpleasant consequences. Those might include audits of federal-funds spending and reviews of content, such as workshop literature.
  • Karl Rove's Water Policy - It's hardly news that Karl Rove, President Bush's political strategist, keeps a hawklike eye on domestic policies emerging from the executive branch, the better to make sure that everything meshes with his boss's political interests and those of the Republican Party. Yet rarely have Mr. Rove's efforts to bend policy to politics been more transparent than his intervention in a seemingly remote dispute involving water rights in Oregon's Klamath River basin.
  • Democrats Unlikely To Retake House - Redistricting Is Biggest Obstacle - Analysts who have been following the early battle for control of the 435-member House say a relative lack of public anger to fuel anti-incumbent voting and a strong GOP fundraising effort underway will be difficult for Democrats to surmount.
  • Karl Rove Says Florida Will Be 'ground Zero' in 2004 Election - "This clearly is going to be ground zero," Rove said
  • The Bush Administration Adopts a Worse-than-Nixonian Tactic: - The Deadly Serious Crime Of Naming CIA Operatives - John Dean
  • You Have a Call From Congressman DeLay (a true story); Is the Republican party in the business of Bilking it's own, and is it using illegal means launder millions in contributions?
  • Republicans Relaunch the Antigay Culture Wars - As George Bush's poll numbers began seriously dwindling, Karl Rove and the White House political strategists decided to reach into their bag of tricks and come up with a good old staple of reactionary politics: homophobia.
  • Bob Beckel, Veteran Democrat Political Consultant, Campaign Manager and News Analyst - A BUZZFLASH INTERVIEW - "These guys make Nixon’s crowd look like a bunch of kids shoplifting candy at the local grocery store. They have taken the art of character assassination to the point where it is their number-one tool."
  • 36 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004 - Vote for President Bush and Republican Senators and Congressmen if:
  • The Language of Control - Such a tangled web of words Republicans weave. Words such as hypocrisy, anti-flag, anti-family, lie, pathetic, radical, selfish, sick, traitor, welfare, permissive attitudes, intolerant -- an inventory of propagandistic wordage dished up to stigmatize liberals in a harsh, glaring and relentless light.
  • Inferior Right Angles - The Empty Argument of Bush Supporters. - I am not suggesting that this means that the left is correct and the right is wrong about any issue under discussion.  What I am suggesting is that there seems to be no foundation on which the right can build a case for supporting the President’s policies.  The people on the right seem to be at a loss for any concrete reasons for their opinions.
  • White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats - The Bush White House, irritated by pesky questions from congressional Democrats about how the administration is using taxpayer money, has developed an efficient solution: It will not entertain any more questions from opposition lawmakers.
  • G.O.P. to Run an Ad for Bush on Terror Issue - After months of sustained attacks against President Bush in Democratic primary debates and commercials, the Republican Party is responding this week with its first advertisement of the presidential race, portraying Mr. Bush as fighting terrorism while his potential challengers try to undermine him with their sniping. - TVNL Comment: He can not exactly run on any of his diplomatic victories because in 3 years he has none. This administration has failed at every single attempt at diplomacy, of which there were very few.
  • Scaring Up Votes - First came the pre-emptive military policy. Now comes the pre-emptive campaign strategy. - "It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror like none we have ever known," Mr. Bush says, in a State of the Union clip.
  • The Spinners Are Coming! The Spinners Are Coming! - America's right-wing-crackpots are already blaming liberals for the next worldwide recession (depression?) - Arm yourself, because Republicans and conservative Democrats are masters of the classic logical fallacy of "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc,” (“After this, therefore because of this”) and they're already trying to blame others for the problems they caused.
  • Fundraising Specialists, Independent Groups Gain - The McCain-Feingold campaign finance law affirmed by the Supreme Court locks in place the Republican Party's fundraising advantage over the Democrats and could hasten what partisans and election experts see as a major transformation of the political system.
  • Redistricting Battle Moves To U.S. Court - GOP Plan for Texas Could Shift As Many as 7 Seats to Republicans - TVNL Comment: The GOP fix is in. Redistricting, investing in companies that make voting machines, looting the treasury and paying their friends in the military industrial complex! Can a coupe be more obvious? Step 1 was the 200 election and it has continued full steam ahead! A complete take over! Don’t worry, keep paying attention to the Laci Peterson case, this stuff is trivial.
  • Pigs At The Taxpayer Trough - The line-item veto was the holy grail of Republicans in the olden days when Democrats controlled Congress and used that clout to slip fatty hunks of pork barrel spending into massive spending bills. Presidents always had to sign these bills because if they didn't, there would be a crisis - Republicans, even in this period of obese deficits, have become pork gluttons. Frankly, they're putting the Democrats to shame and that's no easy task.
  • FEC Moves to Regulate Groups Opposing Bush - Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, in contrast, said the ruling will put out of business "groups like America Coming Together [ACT], the Media Fund, Partnership for America's Families and the MoveOn.org Voter Fund." All are pro-Democratic groups organized under Section 527 of the tax code.
  • John S. Ashton: 'Make no mistake, we are 1930's Nazi Germany' - This is a real moment of danger for America. - The Bush/Limbaugh Republicans are the 1930's Nazis, period. And these eunuchs that make up the Democratic Party - these battered wives who will come up with any excuse to allow these Nazis to continue doing what they are doing - means that America will go the way of Nazi Germany.
  • ‘We walked right into it’ - Democrats lament as GOP builds a pre-election model to trap John Kerry - But by calculating the vote to a nicety, the GOP managed to make Kerry appear to be responsible for the defeat because he was a no-show.
  • A VOTE FOR OSAMA, A GOP ELECTION SCAM - “...the Republicans have absolutely NO OTHER ISSUE on which to run. None.”.
  • Beware of Media-Assisted Republican Dirty Tricks - Republican dirty tricks helped by media complicity let George W. Bush steal the election from Al Gore in 2000. Data from the journalism resource service, Nexus-Lexus, strongly suggest that if the mainstream media had covered George Bush’s actual lies with the same frequency and depth that they carried the RNC lies manufactured to discredit Al Gore, then Gore would have won by a landslide. Never underestimate the power of Republican dirty tricks.
  • Guarding Bush: Did Karl Rove Leak Forged Documents to 60 Minutes? - In 1999, St. Martin's Press published a critical biography of Bush titled "Fortunate Son". The book quoted an unnamed "high-ranking advisor to Bush," who revealed Bush's 1972 drug bust. The source told author J.H. Hatfield, Bush "was ordered by a Texas judge to perform community service in exchange for expunging his record showing illicit drug use." - Hatfield later revealed that his source was none other than Karl Rove.

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