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A TvNewsLIES Diagnosis

    The only thing more frightening than George W. Bush having a blurred vision for America, is that he might actually be seeing things clearly.

The man has been badly maligned. For more than four years now, detractors and critics repeatedly have accused George W. Bush of sporting a smirk.  They have mercilessly disparaged the President’s smug expression that seemed so inappropriate and so disdainful, for so long. It’s time to apologize.

George W. Bush does not smirk when he addresses the nation or the world. The man squints. He suffers from a severely distorted version of reality and all that takes place around him.  The squint is an involuntary reflex, for which he is not responsible. It is the natural response of a man whose vision for American and the world is irreparably blurred.  It’s time to be very, very concerned

George W. Bush, with the support of his handlers and sycophants in the corporate media, creates his own truths. Facts and supportive evidence are irrelevant. He sees through the blur of a Divine inspiration that supersedes historical precedent and Constitutional law.  He sees through a psychedelic prism of corporate profits and religious fervor, and he ultimately believes his own myths. It is time to confront the farce.


  1. George W. Bush believes he has the power to determine the leaders and/or forms of government of other sovereign nations. Obviously, he cannot clearly read the Constitution of the US, - a document that clearly defines the role of the President. Somewhere, through the blur of his misinterpretation, George Bush believes he has been endowed with the power to determine the policies of foreign governments. What nonsense. That’s Article 2, Section 2. Check it out.
  2. George W. Bush believes that the invasion of Iraq is the primary battleground of his War on Terror.  Aside from its illegality under International Law, the invasion of Iraq was a ruse to divert resources from the terror threat against the US.  Terrorist attacks, and recruitment into terrorist groups increased dramatically throughout the world after the invasion. Iraqis experienced more deaths and more terror as a result of the invasion than at any time in recent history.  And, for the record, George Bush is responsible for more civilian deaths than all terror organizations in the world combined.
  3. George W. Bush believes that his policies have resulted in progress towards democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East. He points to an election under occupation in Iraq as an example of democracy.  People in Iraq voted for their religious or tribal leaders. They did not have access to any information about issues or candidates. They now face Shia control and internal competition for power. The chaos continues, the deaths continue, and the insurgency is stronger than ever.  So much for success.  Democratic elections were held long before George Bush came to office in both Lebanon and among the Palestinians. The Saudi election – which excluded women, was a farce. Democracy cannot be ordered by the White House.  Blurring the truth creates an illusion that it can.
  4. George Bush believes he can order the Syrians out of Lebanon and establish a pro US government by fiat.  What a shock to see more than half the adult males in Lebanon out in the streets supporting their Syrian-backed Prime Minister.  Surprise, surprise. At least half a million men protested in support of Hezbollah, in a nation of less than four million people, half of whom surely are women and children.  George Bush is under the illusion that he can sit back and give orders to be followed by other nations without repercussions. There is a real world outside his blur, and he’s about to run into it.
  5. George Bush believes that he can selectively threaten and bully sovereign nations he labels tyrannical and evil, while befriending other nations that are truly the world’s worst dictatorships. In February, 2005, a list of the world’s worst dictators was prepared in consultation with Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, Amnesty International and Reports without Borders. The leaders of the following countries made the list (in order of greatest violations of human rights): Sudan, N.Korea, Burma, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Zimbabwe.  Hey….no mention in the top ten of Iran, Syria, or Cuba….all recent targets of Bush regime change goals.  And, hey again….. George Bush’s close friends, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and his newest ally Libya, are contenders for top dictatorships:
  6. George Bush believes that he alone can determine which nations may possess nuclear weapons. While continuing his arrogant disdain for global cooperation, George Bush continues nuclear weapon development in the US, and ignores the possession of similar weapons in countries he needs for his own purposes (such as Pakistan and Israel), or those he will not challenge for fear of confrontation (such as China and North Korea).  At the same time, George Bush believes he can work outside the United Nations to disarm nations he arbitrarily accuses of supporting terror.
  7. George Bush believes that he and his cohorts are above the law, and that the protections of the US Constitution and Internal laws such as the Geneva Conventions are irrelevant in today’s world. The depravities at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo, although sanctioned at the highest levels of the US government, have gone unpunished.  Flying detainees to other countries for torture will be downplayed and eventually forgotten.  George Bush has placed himself in a special blur, immune from prosecution by the World Court and accountable to no one, anywhere.  Sadly, he’s getting away with it all.
  8. George Bush believes that he can go it alone in the world and bring the UN to its knees. The huge protests against George Bush are hidden from his blurred view in every country around the globe.  The recent appointment of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations was an unbelievable slap in the face to the organization and to the pledge George Bush made regarding improving international relations and mutual cooperation. George Bush lives in a blur that tells him he may do whatever he wants – in any matter he wishes, and let the world be damned.


  1. George Bush believes that he can control the will of the people by controlling the airwaves.  That’s most probably what Karl Rove learned form Slobodon Milosevic.  The Serbian dictator knew that 90% of his people relied on TV or radio for their news. He understood that the people who voted for him didn’t read the newspapers, so he concentrated on controlling the airwaves.  What George Bush does not see through his foggy vision is that Americans are beginning to see through the manipulation of the corporate media and are turning to the Internet for information in greater numbers than ever.  It’s a slow process, but alternative news is reaching more and more Americans, who are slowly beginning to realize that their interests have been totally omitted from the Bush agenda, and are searching for real news in order to make informed choices.
  2. George Bush believes he can disguise destructive programs by giving them clever names. .Surely, every good citizen wants No Child Left Behind, and is in favor of Clear Skies and Healthy Forests.  Never mind that educational programs are now more under funded than ever, and that millions of children are left behind. Never mind that the skies are filled with more and more pollutants to save money for huge corporations.  Never mind that thinning the forests is an environmental disaster. What matters is that it sounds so good.  Heck, didn’t Operation Iraqi Freedom have a good run? What doesn’t filter through the blur is that George Bush has the worst environmental record of any president in history, - and manages to sell himself as a protector of the people.   What doesn’t filter through is that George Bush has not created a single domestic program that benefits the average American, and that he doesn’t really care.
  3. George Bush believes that most Americans believe that he is great leader. Taking the nation to war was priority number one, and George Bush rallied a frightened and misled nation behind him as he invaded Iraq.  His blurred self deception after 9/11 convinced George Bush that he could set out to reshape the world with impunity.  In the aftermath of the attacks, Bush became the most feared and most hated American leader, ever, in a world cowed by the military dominance of the US. In the years of his presidency, Americans are far worse off than every before. Yet, in his blurred world, despite the falling numbers, George Bush really believes that the large majority of Americans strongly approve of him and his policies.  Not so. Not so.
  4. George Bush believes that most Americans want to live in a country dominated by fundamentalist religious beliefs.  He doesn’t understand that most Americans consider their religious beliefs to be personal and outside the realm of governmental interference. He doesn’t understand that most Americans want women to have control over their own reproductive systems.  He doesn’t understand that most Americans believe that gays and lesbians must have their rights protected, not restricted by the government. He doesn’t understand that most Americans know how to change the channel on their TV sets, and don’t need a return to the censorship days of the 1950’s.  In his blurred world, George Bush wants to reshape the Supreme Court into an ideological tool. He doesn’t understand that the American people will not allow that to happen if they can help it. He just doesn’t understand.
  5. George Bush believes that he can spend $100,000,000,000 a year on his wars and deprive Americans of essential domestic programs. He doesn’t understand that most Americans want, above all, to live with a sense of well being for themselves and their families. In his blurred world, George Bush doesn’t understand that tens of millions of Americans have no health insurance.  He doesn’t understand that there is no prescription coverage for most Americans, but most important, there is none for the elderly. He doesn’t understand that most Americans have no savings and cannot properly educate their children. He doesn’t understand that jobs are leaving this country in alarming numbers. He doesn’t understand that people worry about losing their homes to the cost of long term illnesses.  He doesn’t understand that the infrastructure of the nation is crumbling. He doesn’t understand that Americans don’t want to enrich the credit card companies by ending bankruptcy protection for people who cannot pay their medical bills. He doesn’t understand that the price of oil is out of control, while his oil buddies are making out like the bandits they are. He doesn’t understand that the deficit is somewhere in Oz and growing, and that we can’t keep selling our debt to foreign countries. In his very blurred environs, George Bush doesn’t understand very much at all.
  6. George Bush believes that he can con the American people into a Social Security scam to benefit the nations’ investment brokers.  He believes that if he hires the Swift Boat promoters he can con the people again. He believes that his scare tactics will once again be successful, and that Americans will buy into the idea that Social Security is in terrible crisis. So George Bush took a 60 city tour to sell his privatization scheme as quickly as possible. Never mind that the GAO, a non partisan government agency, just declared SS a non-emergency issue. Never mind that Medicare is in far greater trouble right now than SS will be down the road. Never mind.  Ken Lay needs to replenish his coffers, - so let’s get the SS trillions into the hands of the investment brokers as soon as possible.  That blurry world, with George Bush at the helm, continues to be devoid of reality at every turn.
  7. George Bush believes that he can continue to run the most secret government in history.  He knows that he’s been able to do that so far.  He’s been able to hide the details of the Cheney Energy Task Force meetings. He’s been able to hide the PNAC connection to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the PNAC members and supporters in his administration.  He’s been able to hide vital information regarding the lead up to 9/11.and the war games being held that day in NYC. He’s been able to hide his relationship to the bin Laden clan and his family involvement in the Carlyle Group. He knows he’s been able to hide the Cheney-Halliburton connection and the enormous profiteering from the war in Iraq.

He’s been able to hide his father’s archives that should have been accessible to us all by now. He’s been able to cover up the Valerie Plame investigation that involves his own staff. He’s been able to hide the terrible numbers of civilian deaths in his wars, and refuses to allow a daily body count on the airwaves of American and Coalition deaths. He has been able to hide the more than 35,000 wounded troops, and continues to ban photos of flag draped bodies returning home.  He has been able to hide the photos of Fellujah and other devastated cities in Iraq, just as he has refused to acknowledge the outrageous growth of the heroin trade in Afghanistan, and the growing power of the Taliban.

But, in his blurred way, George Bush will continue to hide the truth about his corrupt administration and his lost wars until we stop him.  The blur can and must be erased.

* * *

The list is endless. The blur through which George Bush sees his presidency could fill volumes. In an attempt to outline the problem, TVNL offers this diagnosis of the myopic madness that has taken over this country so that those we reach may focus on what has happened and what is still going on. This administration, along with the corporate media, believes that time erases much of history, and if given that time, most people will forget.  We have to cut our losses and awaken as many Americans as we can.  We have to make sure they don’t wander blindly in the same blurred world as those who profess to lead them.

The only thing more frightening than George W. Bush having a blurred vision for America, is that he might actually be seeing things clearly.

Once again, we offer the only hope we can conjure up.  We strongly believe that much of the American public does not know the truth. By relying on the TV news networks for information, far too many Americans are seeing the world through the blurred viewpoint of George Bush and his very adept ministers of propaganda.  Ergo, the Internet. Ergo, alternative news.  Ergo, downloads, email, forums and bulletin boards.  Ergo, you….those who know.

Help us spread the word. Help us end the blur.


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