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Thou Shalt Not Accuse!
(Regardless of the Evidence)
TvNewsLIES Challenges the Unwritten Commandment
July, 2005

They have admittedly altered dozens of reports and suppressed others;
What makes you think that they did not manipulate the Iraqi intelligence?

What an inconceivable time we live in. It is now more sinful to expose the crimes and lies of an American president and his administration, than it is to commit them! The American media and most members of Congress have sat silently by, blindfolding themselves with the American flag, while the most criminal administration in history continues to defecate on the soul of our nation.

In the America of today, the nexus between evidence and criminality is almost non-existent.  You can present the average, blindly trusting, red state Bush worshiper with video evidence, a signed confession and a convoy of witnesses to any one of the great number of crimes, lies and outrages committed by this administration, and the typical reaction would be “How can you say that?” There appears to be no reality in the perceptions these people have of their president. Logic and reason within the George W. Bush base have become inert. These people actually believe that it is inappropriate to expose heinous crimes and despicable actions even when there is no denial about them by the perpetrators themselves.

These people choose, instead, to hear no evil, see no evil and never speak of the evil around them. They prefer close their minds to what is obvious, evident and indisputable.  They live by an unwritten commandment: Thou Shalt Not Accuse This President or Any of His Cohorts of Their Lies – regardless of the evidence! Breaking this commandment has now become the ultimate sin. No matter what, Thou Shalt Not Accuse George Bush!

Just consider the outright lies told by the Bush administration in the form of a slew of vital reports whose conclusions were altered or concealed from the public. Clear evidence exists that a series of very critical scientific and economic reports were edited or hidden in order support the lies Bush wanted the people to believe. We have proof of instance after instance where the Bush administration changed the results or the implied urgency of reports issued by authoritative bodies because they contradicted false claims made by the White House. We have the evidence, but there is no one willing to accuse the criminals. The corporate media simply continue to lie by omission as they support the most lying administration in US history.

Simply stated, numerous reports indicated in clear and concise terms that the Bush administration was wrong or was lying about something relevant to domestic or international policy.  Summarily, the information in the reports was changed to allow the lies to go on unquestioned. The Bush administration went on to use the manipulated reports to support their false claims. They have been doing this since they got into office, brazenly and openly. What is even worse, even when the distortions were exposed, the corporate media and the Congress have done nothing about it. Many individuals and organizations whose reports have been manipulated by the Bush administration have publicly decried these outrages, even to the point of raising public alarm.

However, because of today’s nonexistent American news media, the public remains largely unaware of the duplicity of their own government.  They don’t have a clue about how they are being manipulated on a regular basis. But even worse, half this nation would pounce on the accuser for daring to reveal the lies.   The sin is in showing them the evidence.  The crime is exposing the criminals.  No one may ever accuse.

Surely we can bring up 9/11 and Iraq; two issues that would fill volumes were we to document the lies of the Bush administration. But why bother with anything so controversial? Simply consider some of the reports that this administration has been openly found to have altered.  Bear in mind that no one in the White House has bothered to deny altering or concealing information in any of the documents in question.

Take a look at some of the manipulated documents that were altered before being presented to the public. The audacity of this White House boggles the mind, and the brazenness of the manipulations are simply beyond comprehension. And still, there is no one in the media or the Congress honorable enough to make an accusation.

  • Administration excised scientists' warnings in grazing report - "This is a whitewash; they took all of our science and reversed it 180 degrees," said Erick Campbell, a former BLM state biologist in Nevada and a 30-year BLM employee who retired this year. Campbell wrote sections of the report pertaining to impacts on wildlife and threatened and endangered species. "They rewrote everything. It's a crime," he said.
  • Hog Farming - Nationally respected Agriculture Department microbiologist Dr. Zahn discovered that hog farms were emitting drug-resistant airborne bacteria that “if breathed by humans, would make them harder to treat when ill. Zahn presented his findings at a scientific conference in 2000, but the Bush administration stopped him from publishing his data 11 times between September 2001 and April 2002, he said. When Danish researchers sought to learn more about his work, Zahn wasn’t allowed to share his techniques.”
  • Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming - A White House official who once led the oil industry's fight against limits on greenhouse gases has repeatedly edited government climate reports in ways that play down links between such emissions and global warming, according to internal documents.
  • EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution - White House ordered false assurances on air quality, report says
  • White House Changes Experts' Report on Health Effects of Mercury - The White House's alterations downplayed the risks of mercury, replaced specific enumerations of mercury-related harms with bland, general references, and introduced additional emphasis on uncertainty.
  • Stem Cell Research - Dr. Blackburn states that she believes she was dismissed because she disapproved of the Bush administration's restrictive position on stem cell research. According to Dr. Blackburn, she and Dr. May frequently disagreed with the administration's positions on the ethics of biomedical research.
  • Bush administration distorts science to shield Halliburton from pollution laws - - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will investigate complaints by one of its engineers who said the agency distorts science in order to shield Halliburton from pollution laws, the Los Angeles Times reported today.
  • Wildlife scientists feeling heat - Species-protection data suppressed, many report - The scientists charge that top regional and national officials in the agency suppressed scientific information to avoid confrontations with industry groups or to follow the Bush administration's political policies.
  • Stem-Cell Wars & the Presidency - 4,000 Scientists Sign Anti-Bush Statement - The Associated Press reports that over 4,000 scientists, which includes 48 Nobel Prize winners, have signed a statement "opposing the Bush administration's use of scientific advice."
  • ACLU Slams Bush for Restricting Scientific Information - The ACLU joins the chorus of those unhappy with the Bush Administration's approach to dealing with science that doesn't fit their policies and restricting information based on homeland security issues.
  • Bush Administration Deletes Women's Issues Information from Government Websites - The Bush administration has quietly deleted and altered information on women's issues from government agency websites, a research group has found.

How do Bush supporters defend this? What can they possibly say that would justify this? It is simply mind blowing that such a large segment of society willingly accepts and supports this kind of abuse. Are all Bush supporters masochists? Do they want to be harmed? Do they like being poisoned? Do they thrive on people lying to them? The list we provided is not even complete! There is more! It is surreal at this point!

Understand that the Bush administration has been caught red handed changing or suppressing the results of these reports for the purpose of maintaining or increasing support for an agenda that would actually harm Americans! In other words they have intentionally risked the health, the lives, the safety, and the economic security of the people they have sworn to serve. We’re talking about harming us, hurting us, poisoning us and telling us we’re fine. But no one is allowed to accuse them of this.

And so I choose to do so here. I will breach the Commandment by which so many Americans have chosen to live. I HEREBY ACCUSE THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION OF CONSISTENTLY AND INTENTIONALLY LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN ORDER TO CONTINUE AN AGENDA OF CORPORATE GREED, REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH HARM IS DONE TO US ALL!!!   I.  My reply to anyone who turns the tables and makes me the criminal is: Shut the hell up and face the truth!  Learn the facts! This is happening now, and it has been going on since Bush took office. He has lied to you over and over and over and the media have refused to let you know about it.

But even if you knew….would it make any difference?  I think not.  So many Americans would still say, “It’s a lie!” They would still cling to that comforting Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Accuse.  That’s where we’ve come to in this incredulous time.

The assault on the truth has been relentless. It has been a far greater challenge to find an issue that has been truthfully and accurately represented by the Bush administration than to find its many lies and distortions. Yet, during the past five years the word “lie” has not been uttered by anyone in the corporate media or by the very large majority of our corporately owned Congress.  That would be an accusation, and that is forbidden.

The problem with the media is obvious: we simply do not have any real news networks in this nation. has clearly proven that, and this editor will gladly take up any challenge by any news organization or educational institution that differs with that conclusion.

It really would be quite simple to document the criminal negligence or complicity of the American corporate news media in the crimes of the Bush administration.  All that is needed is a list just a fraction of important stories that have gone unreported by the media and then list the sensational, mindless stories that our news media have covered over the past five years. That alone would expose the embarrassing state of our media in a crystal clear light.

To cite just one example: we have been inundated by five years of missing person stories side by side with a five year absence of news stories depicting the total dismantling of our environmental protections (and the resulting assault of deadly toxins and pollutants virtually strewn over the nation by the Bush administration).  This alone should be enough to shred the notion of America having even one informative national news network.

Congress is another problem unto itself. While both major parties are clearly private enterprises, each with its own corporate sector owners, there is a clear and obvious difference between the two. When a Democratic president breaks the law or conducts the business of the nation in a manner that is harmful to the people of this nation, our freedoms, our liberties or our humanity, Democrats will cross party lines and do the right thing by holding their own party leader accountable. Republicans on the other hand, will do no such thing. As do their constituency, Republican members of Congress consider holding their leader accountable for his actions a greater violation of their patriotism than permitting an unaccountable criminal administration to continue an ongoing assault on everything American, from our Constitution to the very health of the planet itself. In their own unique lock-step, they will never, ever allow their President to be accused.

The lies are everywhere. For every single fabrication there is a mountain of evidence to support the accusation that never came.  And yet, despite it all, the public remains unconvinced. Many simply do not know. Others simply do not want to know. And others know and do not care.  Whatever the reasons, lies about vital issues that effect us all have become an integral part of Bush administration policy. And what is worse is that no one in the corporate media – and hardly any one in a Congress of 535 men and women - will dare accuse them of their crimes, thus making them complicit in the crimes and lies.

This is not about politics, but about our survival as a democratic republic. This is not about left or right, or about Conservative or Liberal. This is about an administration that clearly has set a new precedence for lying and for acting against the best interests of the citizens of this country. It’s about the dishonesty of those who should be working in our best interests. And it’s about the people who cannot see the liars because of all the lies that blind them.

And it’s about challenging the silence of those who will not accuse.

  • The White House’s White-Out Problem
  • White House Web Scrubbing - Though it is not clear whether the White House is directing the changes, several agencies have been following a similar pattern.
  • Politics in the lab hits US scientific integrity - President Nixon shut down his White House science office because he didn't like the advice he was getting on arms control and the supersonic transport. Nevertheless, several science-policy experts argue that no presidency has been more calculating and ideological than the Bush administration in setting political parameters for science.
  • WHY AMERICANS REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE 9/11 EVIDENCE!!! - The attacks of 9/11 were so unthinkable that most Americans would refuse to believe the complicity of their own government, even if presented with a mountain of evidence. - Very simply, it is possible to escape blame if you do something that nobody in the world believes you could do.

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