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Contributing Editor - 12-September-2005

    Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out. It's all about timing.  Anon

No question about it, it’s all about timing, and don’t they know it! It’s been going on for nearly five years now, and the Bushco folks have it down to an exact science.  Just like all successful swindlers, they know exactly when the eyes and ears and minds of their marks are diverted.  They time things perfectly and they know exactly when to swoop in for the kill.

And, wouldn’t you just know it…they did it again just now! They pulled a couple of fast ones, while the nation was diverted and distracted.  And it worked so well that hardly anyone knows it even happened.  Do you?


Here’s how the latest scheme went down:

  1. They coupled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with the anniversary of September 11th.
  2. They knew they could count on the media for non-stop, twenty-four seven coverage of Katrina, for days on end.  They also figured in a full day of 9/11 remembrance and commemoration.
  3. They knew their targets well.  They knew that the human tragedies of Katrina and 9/11 would touch their hearts and minds of the American people. They knew that little else would displace their concerns.
  4. They conjured up their ever-reliable ‘weekend sneak: make a move between Friday night and Sunday, and few people ever get to hear about it.
  5. Without a hitch, and with little fanfare or publicity, they pulled off three outrageous and gutsy scams!!!

How many people even know they’ve been had?  Ask around.  See if people know that the charlatans in the White House pulled once again. See if they know that, while most of us were looking the other way this past weekend, we were hoodwinked in spades.

Not too many people know what went down, and what the ersatz corporate news networks didn’t bother to report: Here’s what happened:

SCAM 1: If it works once, it will work twice: Bushco did exactly what they did in Iraq. Amid all the confusion and chaos, companies with ties to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA clinched some of the first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts awarded by the Bush Flimflam Team. Yes – you guessed it, Halliburton was first in line. Hey, someone has to get rich on this, why not the good old boys who profited so richly from the Bush disaster in Iraq?

SCAM 2: Play the “I may, you may not game:” The Bush/PNAC thugs took a major step towards world conflagration and annihilation this weekend. Even as they railed against nuclear development in other countries, this dangerous group of madmen revised their nuclear operations doctrine. In an unprecedented show of hubris, they announced their right to the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons. That’s “pre-emptive” as in “we think you might attack us first,” and in “Saddam is about to get us with his WMD’s

SCAM 3: Shuffle the cards, but never toss the deck. This crony-filled administration recalled Michael Brown to Washington.  They did not fire him, they simply recalled him.  Michael Brown, the failed horse show director who criminally fudged his resume for a federal position, had no clue about what to do in this most terrible of natural disasters. He was summarily  pressured into resigning so that he would not reflect badly on the man who hired him. You know, the man who told Brownie he was doing such a good job when people were dying. Michael Brown now will take the fall for all that went wrong, and that will be that. It’s the old disappearing act, folks, out of sight, out of mind.  And it works like a charm.

But heck, why not? It’s been a successful swindle from the start, so why stop now?


This past weekend is not an aberration.  On the contrary it is simply another step in the relentless Bush/PNAC/Rightwing scamming of America.

Understand that timing was all from the moment the first hijacked plane hit Tower One of the WTC. At that exact moment, the PNAC plan for a “catastrophic event” became a reality. After that terrible moment, every major move by the Bush White House was timed to feed on the nation’s fears.  A nation in fear of another attack was vulnerable and receptive. A nation in fear would follow wherever they were led, so long as the timing was right.

In fact, with the complicity of the pundits on the airwaves, much of the nation has been consistently scammed into ignoring reality and their own well-being. In a bit more than four and a half years, the country has been duped on a range of different fronts because the timing was right. In case a reminder is needed, here are some of the more shameful, albeit effective scams of the Bushco bandits:

  • They scammed so many Americans into an illegal, immoral and endless war that has taken thousands of innocent lives, because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into believing they were safer with George Bush in office because the time was right
  • They scammed so many Americans into accepting torture as a tool of warfare, because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into allowing their nation to become despised and disrespected around the globe because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into ignoring the rape of their own environment because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into spending more than four billion dollars per month to fight a war of choice, while the needs of their own citizen went unheeded.
  • They scammed so many Americans by allowing science to become a myth and religious myth to become a science, because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into believing the Patriot Act was in their best interests because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans by appointing a tactless, brutish man to be the nation’s chief diplomat at the United Nations because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into believing that the President would investigate the outing of a CIA operative by someone in his own White House, because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans by tearing down the constitutionally guaranteed separation between Church and State because the timing was right.
  • They scammed so many Americans into believing that that good people, with experience and expertise headed the agencies on which their safety and survival depended.
  • They scammed so many Americans into believing the lies they told over and over and over and over because the timing was right.

The list is far, far longer, but we’ve said it all before. We have lived with scam after scam after scam.  We have seen failure after failure after failure at the helm of this administration.  There has to be some point at which the tide will turn.  Enough is enough.


This last scam has to be the straw that breaks the back of that proverbial camel.  By putting cronies, instead of experienced people to run FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, the Bush administration has to be held responsible for the horror that has left New Orleans and its environs in ruin.  This time, the dead people are Americans, not only innocent Iraqi or Afghan men, women and children. This time all of America has seen the consequences of George Bush‘s refusal to heed the warnings of engineers and scientists.  This time, he may not be able to get away with the scam.

Then again, he may.  To date, every ruse, every lie, every deception has gone unpunished.  There has been not an iota of accountability anywhere in this government for any of the failures at home or abroad.  Every official liar has been rewarded with promotions and honors. Every official lie has been rationalized and justified and contorted and ultimately dismissed.  This time, some Americans may wake up and not allow that to happen.  This time, because there is no place to hide, the Bushco Scam Machine may finally be running into trouble.

It can end.  It really can.  The beginning of the end can be initiated on September 24th on Bushco’s home turf.  If enough people rise up and say “NO MORE,” in Washington at the end of this month, the message may get through.  We all can send a clear and unmistaken warning to those who need our votes next year. We can let them know that we’ve just about had it.  It really can end if we want it to.

But it will take a significant turnout to make the point.  Take the day…it’s a Saturday…and join the protest.  It will take numbers to get the job done. It will take numbers to get media attention and to signal the rest of the world that Americans do not share the callous, uncaring and arrogant attitudes of their leaders.  And it will take huge numbers to drive the message home to a largely anemic Congress that we mean business.

It has to end. The lies, the scams, the ineptitude, and the resulting damage have to end. Relentless as they have been, the self-serving schemes of this administration have to be exposed and dismantled now.  These con men have been in our faces for far too long with their destructive ruses and ensuing cover ups.

Timing, for sure, is all.  And for this nation, the time is now. If we wait much longer, it can only get worse.  If we wait much longer, it will surely get worse. And one of these days, it will be too late, and timing will no longer matter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: From my blog:

The Media Grants Themselves the Free Pass That They Had Issued to Bush

I find it interesting but not surprising that the American media has started to lay blame on the Bush administration for doing many things that have weakened our nation, yet they have not acknowledged their own violations of public trust for not reporting these things as they occurred. We will hear a lot about how budget cuts, cronyism, fixation on war and terror and general disregard for the common American have lead to many problems in Bushland. The media however, will not remind us of something I have been telling you every day for 3 years…that the media was hell bent on keeping this information from the public for 5 years. The actions that have led to the obliteration of America as we knew and loved it, from the shredding of the Constitution to the economic rape of the poor and middle class, were reported on a daily basis by the liberal rags, Bush haters and conspiracy theorists. The funny thing is the credibility of these un-American traitors is about as high as can be and the rest of the world is starting to realize that.

Credit however will not be granted to the “I told you so” crowd; not even by our close friends who told us that we are paranoid for all these years. And most importantly, the American media will transfer to themselves the free pass that they issued to the Bush administration some 6 years ago. As was/is the case with the Bush administration, thanks to the media, questions about accountability or responsibility for the disasters that took place under the watch, or non-watch of the media, will not be raised. Think about it!  - Jesse - Editor,


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