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Please join in our quest to request the resignation of Colin Powell. - 10-July-2003

An Open Letter to Sec. of State Colin Powell:  Please Resign

Secretary of State Colin Powell
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary of State Powell:

In this desperate time, when the US has become a rogue nation that has launched the first unprovoked preemptive strike on a sovereign nation in its history - you have become the single most devastating disappointment to millions of Americans. We, who love this nation, were not surprised by the destructive actions of President Bush and his treacherous neoconservative advisors.  We feared, early on, that they would divert this nation from its role as leader and example to the world. But we truly had faith in your moral strength as our representative to the world. To that end, we were terribly wrong.

When war mongering of the oilmen in the White House began, and we sensed the reincarnation of the decade old Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz plans to control the oil fields of the Middle East, -you remained, for many of us, the voice of sensibility and moderation. Sadly, for whatever reasons, - you ceased to be our hope for reason in an administration hell bent for war. Instead, you chose to join the American Axis of Evil to perpetrate a horrendous hoax on the people of this country.  You chose to support and echo the lies that were designed to capitalize on the fears of Americans after 9/11. And, for reasons you can only reconcile with your God, you became complicit in sending American and British troops into harm’s way and once again sanctioning the murder and maiming of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

The invasion of Iraq was planned by the PNAC group in 1997.  You know that.  We know that.  You remained silent as the tragedy of 9/11 allowed the administration to shift gears from a war against terrorism to a war for oil. Even as the war plans were evolving, you refused to challenge the inhumane strategy designed to AWE and SHOCK millions of unsuspecting and compliant people into submission. You ignored the protests of tens of millions of Americans and the outcry of millions more around the world.  You ignored the pleading of the world leaders, scientists, and humanitarians.  You began, slowly but undeniably to become the spokesperson assigned to sell the United Nations the immoral travesty that was to be horridly mislabeled as “Iraqi Freedom.” But most horrendous of all, you knowingly lied, and continue to lie to the nation and the world community.

Many of us recall how you supported the false testimony that was used to justify the first Gulf War.  We will not forget the Kuwaiti princess who was set up to tearfully lie to the US Congress about the brutality of Iraqi soldiers who were allegedly killing Kuwaiti incubator babies. We know that you did not speak out against the fabrication that 100,000 Iraqi troops were poised on the borders Saudi Arabia. You ignore the uranium-tipped bombs that we used in civilian areas, and which to this day are causing high rates of leukemia and other cancers in the bodies of Iraqi children.

But we accepted the first Gulf War despite our trepidation because it had the support of a strong coalition of nations. We were concerned about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, although we knew little about how Kuwait had siphoned Iraqi oil. And we regarded you as a military leader whose faith and loyalty to its CIC was unquestionable. We were proud of your achievement and your integrity. How naďve we were.

Sadly, you have metamorphosed from an honored Secretary of State into an apologist for the Bush administration. You now strategically are called upon to explain the fabrications of the nation’s policy makers precisely because you had earned the confidence of the American people.. It is painful to acknowledge that you have betrayed that trust and dishonored your name.

Your performance at the United Nations was almost commendable.....good acting, great material...albeit replete with lies, misinformation, innuendo, and suggestion. You shamed yourself then, but you now have completely lost the respect of those who admired you, and looked to your leadership, not your surrender.

In a perfect world, this letter would not be necessary. In a world where honor and dignity were more important than greed and power, you would not tolerate the deception and manipulation that led us into Iraq.  In a perfect world, you would be speaking out against the Constitutional violations of The Patriot Act, which is about to be expanded. Instead, you continue to defend the lies about the imminent threat supposedly posed by Iraq, - the lies about the uranium purchases, the lies about the aluminum tubes, the lies about the chemical vans, and the lies about an Iraq-Al Qaeda connection. You know better.  You really do. And so do we.

Speak to us, the people who marched in New York and Washington and San Francisco. Visit us in all the towns and cities that cried out for sanity in a nation run amok. See how the real American people feel. We are not radicals. We are mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers, - children and students and ordinary citizens who love our country, and fear for its direction under the dictatorship that came to power by judicial edict.

Therefore, with great regret, but with even greater concern for our country, I respectfully propose that you submit your resignation to the President of the United States, thereby restoring the office you hold to one of honor and integrity. Were you to leave this administration, you would once again regain the respect and love of the nation and the world. It would disarm the administration and undermine the oil thirst that motivated this sham.

I fear that you will not resign. I fear that you will continue to move as the puppeteers direct you. I fear that you will be oblivious to the truth that the blood of our service men and women, the people of Iraq, and all those who have died and will continue to die in this newly spawned reign of terror will be on your hands.

Secretary Powell, I appeal to your conscience. You alone have the power to stop this madness by taking this one extraordinary step. Your resignation would discredit and render impotent a government gone mad.  You also have the power to continue to qualify and mask the lies and secrets of a government that controls the fate of the world. Sophie’s choice was far more difficult.

Contributing Editor,

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