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From - July - 2004

     It is a sincere inquiry into the rationale that would allow millions of Americans to support an administration that has deceived and manipulated them so consistently.



Psst.  You wanna buy a bridge? What a universal joke that offer has become. Imagine the folly of truly believing that a few dollars could buy you a piece of the granddame of bridges in New York City!  Imagine anyone falling for so obvious a scam in this day and age. Hold on, - if you think there are no buyers out there, you’re absolutely wrong! At this very minute there’s a whole new market out there for shares in the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge – and many of them will soon be coming to the Big Apple!

No, this is not a put-down to insult the GOP conventioneers. Neither is it an attempt to portray all Republicans as being naïve and gullible. Rather, this is an expression of amazement that nearly half of the voting public has been so totally taken in by Bush/PNAC lies that are far more serious and far more incredulous than any about buying a bridge.  It is a sincere inquiry into the rationale that would allow millions of Americans to support an administration that has deceived and manipulated them so consistently. And it is an acknowledgment of a deep concern that almost half the electorate, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still insist that George Bush is a straight shooter who tells the truth.

It is this insular group of Republicans that deserves a chance to own piece of the bridge.


For three and a half years now, GOP loyalists have been willing participants in the most fraudulent shell game in recent history. They have been softened up by the best con artists in Washington whose lies and distortions they could not, or would not detect. These Bush Believers have been fed a regular fare of lies about everything from tax cuts and Medicare costs to Ken Lay and George Bush’s National Guard Service.  But domestic lies, while rampant and damaging, don’t hold a candle to the now-you see-it, now-you-don’t trickery of the Bush/PNAC foreign policy.

The road to Iraq, leading to the most disastrous failure of the Bush presidency, was from its inception convoluted and steeped in smoke and mirrors. Yesterday’s WMD’s became today’s Al Qaeda connection. Tomorrow’s liberation cries replaced a previous call for 9/11 revenge. We had to go to war before the war came to us. We had to get Saddam before he annihilated the entire American population.  We had to go it alone before that mushroom cloud descended on our homes. And the Bush folk believed every word.

They actively played the con game with devout fervor, never suspecting it might be a fraud.  To question was un-American. To doubt was unpatriotic. The pea was under a shell, somewhere. Not to worry. They would find it, because George Bush said it was there. And they believed it all.

With unfailing allegiance to their president, the Bush Believers closed their eyes and ears to any possibility that they, the nation, and the world had been duped.  They would consider no challenge to what they were told, even when official stories changed with the rapidity and dexterity found only in the most skillful shell games.  Like all marked pigeons in street scams, the Bush Believers remained unsuspecting and unwary of their roles. They continued to believe it all.

Even now, they believe.  Even now, they repeat and support the lies. Just ask them and they’ll tell you all the LIES they believe to be true.


  • PNAC did not plan the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq long before 9/11
  • The US was attacked on 9/11 by people connected to Saddam Hussein
  • The Taliban and Al Qaeda have been defeated in Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan is now an example of democracy and freedom
  • Saddam Hussein was a threat to the freedom of all Americans
  • Saddam’s WMD’s are somewhere and they’ll be found
  • The US did not arm Saddam in his war with Iran
  • The US did not supply Saddam with chemical and biological WMD’s
  • Saddam Hussein was poised to attack the US and his neighbors
  • There was no time to allow UN inspectors to complete their work
  • All nations, especially France, that opposed a preventive attack on Iraq hate the US
  • The coalition that invaded Iraq was composed of major countries, each contributing arms, troops, and money to the war
  • It is legal under International law to invade a sovereign nation that poses no threat
  • The Iraqi people are grateful the US for invading and occupying their country
  • The bombing of Iraq cities caused very few civilian casualties, if any
  • The people of Baghdad spontaneously overturned the statue of Saddam in an expression of joy over being liberated
  • Jessica Lynch was mistreated and possibly raped by her captors, and saved in a dramatic and dangerous Special Ops rescue mission
  • The insurgency in Iraq is the work of foreign terrorists who don’t want Iraqis to be free
  • Most of Iraq is back to normal, with people’s lives far better than before the war
  • Ahmed Chalabi deserved the millions of dollars he got from the US
  • Halliburton got no-bid contracts in Iraq because they were the best firm for the job
  • Dick Cheney no longer has any connection to Halliburton
  • The CIA has no connection to the new head of the temporary Iraqi government
  • Our troops are dying in Iraq in order to save our freedom
  • The American people are safer now that we’ve removed Saddam
  • The world is safer now that we’ve removed Saddam
  • The US doesn’t need to work closely with other nations
  • President Bush wanted to have a Department of Homeland Security
  • President Bush wanted an investigation into the causes of 9/11
  • President Bush wanted an inquiry into the WMD intelligence failure
  • President Bush didn’t delay 12 weeks before allowing an investigation into the leak of Valerie Plame’s secret CIA role
  • President Bush didn’t withhold unclassified information from the public reports of the 9/ll commission
  • The abuses in Iraqi and Afghan prisons were the acts of a few rogue soldiers
  • Al Qaeda will be strengthened if there is a change of leadership in the US

This is just a starter list, and every statement is a LIE. But the Bush Believers are faithful and trusting and they will continue to believe what they have been told. They do not know, or will not admit that they been terribly deceived.  The shell game is as old as history, and it always works.


And so, we anticipate the descent of the Bush Believers, represented by the legions who will attend the Republican National Convention in New York City next month.  They will wave their flags and cheer the speeches that repeat the Bush/Cheney/PNAC lies and the distortions once again.  We will hear the adoring chorus as it chants of TERROR and SADDAM and KILLED HIS OWN PEOPLE and STAY THE COURSE!   We will hear how George Bush is a great leader to whom the nation and the world look for salvation. We will undoubtedly hear the same lies and the same propaganda as before.

And then, as the speeches end, and as the Bush Believers become tourists in our wonderful city, we will make our move. After all, if they believe all they have been told by their president, they’ll have no trouble believing us when we tell them about a grand and magnificent bridge in Brooklyn that is really and truly up for sale.

Psst, we will say. Wanna buy a bridge?



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