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Although it was the case prior to the attacks of 9/11, everyone is frightened to death to be called anti-American. All you have to do is disagree with any actions of the US Government and you are labeled as being anti-American.

Cartoon by K. Bendib, all rights reserved.

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Enough already! What is anti-American about standing up for the Constitution of the United States? On the other hand what is American about preemptive bombing and killing based on false accusations? What is patriotic about any of the actions of the Bush Bullies? Anti-War is not anti-American nor does it mean anti-troops, but the press seems to let the GOP send this message anywhay.

To Democrats: Start establishing REAL American values! Justice, honesty and democracy is real patriotism. Remind Baby Bush that the basic fundamental principle of “Democracy” is “one man/woman, one vote”; and in a true democracy that would mean King George would not be in office!

  • The perils of our US alliance - According to the British historian Eric Hobsbawm, "the policies that have recently prevailed in Washington seem to all outsiders so mad that it is difficult to understand what is really intended". - One explanation is that according to ideological vigilantes on the political right, it is not possible to criticise the policies of the Bush Administration without being "anti-American."
  • Democrats: Bush Shouldn't Doubt Their Patriotism - Democrats said on Saturday the Bush administration should not question the patriotism of those who disagree with its policies, reinforcing criticism that the White House strives to quell dissent.
  • The Gall Of The Chickenhawks - What kind of absurd political twilight zone is it where George Bush and Dick Cheney can make John Kerry look like an unpatriotic chicken by focusing attention on his combat duty in Vietnam? - It's a doublethink world of issues-ephemera, spin, and manipulated perceptions that Bush's technicians have mastered and that we the media and we the people aid and abet: Campaign 2004, a truth odyssey. - The most forceful advocates for war in the administration had seen the least of it.

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