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A Warning - May, 2005


Bill Frist knows: itís all about the judges. Thatís all, only the judges.- He is paving the way for advocates of the five fundamentalist obsessions that matter most to this faction. And he is actually getting it done.

Donít look now, but youíve been had. You really think you know whatís wrong with America, but youíre wrong.  Someoneís been feeding you a bill of goods, and youíve swallowed it whole. Chuck it.

I know what youíve been thinking, I really do. Itís the war. Itís that dumb, useless, deadly, illegal war. But itís not.  Or, maybe you believe itís the deficit. Weíll be paying for Bushís folly for generations, right?  Nope. Thatís not it, either. Then it has to be the tens of millions without health care or old folks choosing between paying for food or prescription drugs. No way.

Okay, youíve got it figured out by now for sure. Itís the rocky economy with all that outsourcing. That must be it, right?  Wrong.  Could it be our failing schools or soaring college costs? No, again. Is it the millions of working poor in the richest nation on earth? How about the homeless in every major city in our country? No, no. no.  You just donít get it, do you?

One more try.  You just know that whatís really wrong with the US has to involve its loss of respect in the world.  Wrong again.  Give it up. Iíll make it easy by telling you whatís NOT wrong with us, and you see if those ideas are on your list.

Thereís nothing wrong with having the most secretive and most unaccountable government in history. Not really.  Nor does it matter that the corporate media withhold pertinent information on a daily basis.  No big deal.  And changing age old Constitutional rules in Congress is really a minor problem that makes things easier for the party in power.  Not to worry.

Not there yet, are you?  Iíll bet youíve come up with phrases such as global warming, toxic dumping, or peak oil. Sorry, youíre still barking up the wrong tree.  The failing infrastructure of this nation is not at all a major problem, nor is our increasing vulnerability to terrorist attacks.    No, no, no, and no again.

In fact, the list of things that donít really matter is far too long.  Suffice it to say that you have no clue about what is wrong with this country, and that you have no clue about how to solve the terrible problems facing our nation. But rest easy. People in high places with lots of influence and hoards of money do know. And they know exactly how correct the ills that plague the United States of America.

Be assured that weíre all in good hands, for those who know whatís good for us are preparing the way for our salvation. When they succeed with their agenda, all good Americans will be protected from the dangers that lurk behind their every door.  We will be safe and secure in five carefully concealed CAGES.  Luckily, TVNL was able to preview what they have in store. Take a look.



This country is being destroyed by free speech radicals who believe that they can just use any words they want on the airwaves. If things go right (pun intended) weíll all be safe from the insidious perpetrators of evil words and nasty nuance. The nation will be rid of any allusions to s-e-x, or any visual portrayals of the unclothed human body.  Michelangelo will no longer pervert the minds of our children, and George Carlin will be forever damned to eternal brimstone. Hallelujah.



You just know weíve all gone down the proverbial drain since Roe v. Wade.  This country can only be made right (there I go again) if women understand that they may NOT have control over their own their reproductive organs. They may NOT determine when and how often they can bear children. Those decisions must belong to the federal government. And keep in mind that once those embryos become babies, the government no longer meddles in their lives.  They care nothing about their health care, their housing, their education, or their environment. That saves the taxpayers lots of money. Praise the Lord.



This surely is one of the most serious afflictions from which the country is suffering.  This abomination must be stopped in its tracks. If marriages between loving, caring gay and lesbian partners are sanctioned by the government, all will be lost. Should this happen, every heterosexual couple in this nation will be in great danger.  Not a single marriage will remain intact anywhere in the nation, and the sanctity of the institution will be destroyed forever. We must have a Constitutional Amendment at once to deny civil rights to these unholy sinners.  Pray for their salvation.



Enough of the nonsense!  Darwin is doomed to eternal damnation, we know that.  We cannot continue to poison the minds of our school children with facts and empirical evidence.  We can no longer tolerate the evil influence of science in our public schools.  The Word will no longer be questioned by the heathens disguised as teachers of biology.  The devil has tempted us long enough and it is time to cast out doubts.  Teaching Creationism and Intelligent Design will restore the nation and cure its ills.  Glory be to Genesis.



Just look at what has happened to this nation since they took prayer out of the public schools of this country! Weíve had nothing but pestilence and plagues, rock Ďn roll, rap and hip hop! Weíve lost our children to sin and temptation and angered the Heavens by closing the schoolhouse door to fundamentalist ways. We can all be redeemed from the fires of Hell in one glorious moment when our children can once again pray for the reading and math skills they lack today, and beseech their Maker for smaller class sizes and greater funding. Thy will be done.


Have no fear, it can all be done.  Donít be distracted by whatís going on in Washington right now. Tom Delay and ethics rules are diversions to conceal the CAGES for the moment.  Opposition to medical marijuana, stem cell research, the right to die with dignity, is meant to blind sight the public.  Terry Shiavo was a test case for things to come. The plan has been set in motion is going according to schedule.  Watch it happen.

The keys to the CAGES are in the headlines. Bill Frist knows: itís all about the judges. Thatís all, only the judges. That is why he was determined to eliminate the filibuster as a tool for those who would oppose his choices for the courts.  Bill Frist knows that he can easily push through right wing federal and Supreme Court judges with 51 Senate votes if no one filibusters the count to 60.  He is cleverly pandering to extremists whose support he or anyone else from his party must have in a run for the presidency in 2008.

He is paving the way for advocates of the five fundamentalist obsessions that matter most to this faction. And he is actually getting it done.

So, folks, get ready.  The real motivation for pushing through George Bushís judicial nominations is getting very little attention in the media. No matter, because the first round has already gone to the right wing.  The compromise deal we just saw in the Senate named right wing activist nominees Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor to appeals court seats.  The cages are baited and ready.

Understand that people such as Bill Frist want to craft a Messianic America based on their personal religious ideology. Understand as well that changing the laws that relate to Censorship, Abortion Rights, Gay Marriage, Evolution and School Prayer are at the very top of their agenda.

Seldom before have we been in as treacherous a place as this.  A democratic nation is inevitably defined by its laws.  At this moment in our history, the United States is in danger of entering of an era that will rival the Dark Ages in its blindness and suppression of personal freedoms.

The plan is in motion. George Bush will submit more and more nominations to federal benches, including those needed to fill imminent vacancies on the Supreme Court. These appointments all are for life. They cannot be rescinded.  Got that? The appointments are for life. And if that doesnít make you sit up and wonder what to do next, nothing else will.

The good news is that there is a next step and itís up to us, not Bill Frist.  In the end, itís your Senate and mine, not Bill Fristís. In the end, the Senators who vote to accept or reject judicial nominees answer to us, not Bill Frist.  In the end, then, the fate of this nation is in our hands. Letís act on it.

You know the drill.  You know what to do.  You know about the phone calls and the letters and the email. You know about joining and lobbying and protesting.  You know all you need to know about exerting your power as a voter.  So do it. Get others to do it. Make a difference.  Save the Constitution.  Save the nation.  Save us all.  Amen.


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