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It’s almost that time. Another presidential election is only months away and voters’ rights watchdogs are on the alert.  They have vowed to monitor every polling place in Florida with unprecedented caution. This will not be a repeat of 2000. Hanging chads and off-center ballots are history, and Katherine Harris is otherwise occupied. And so, on Election Day 2004, thousands of observers will descend on the Sunshine State to make certain that Jeb Bush doesn’t pull off another presidential coup. Does that sound comforting?  It shouldn’t.
This time around, there may be an even more serious problem. While the Florida scam remains fresh in our memories, something even more ominous seems to be brewing.  There is a distinct possibility that the table is being set to make California the center of the 2004 election fraud!

Flashback: On the eve of the 2000 election, those conducting the George W. Bush campaign did something extraordinary:  they claimed to KNOW that the reported Florida exit polls were incorrect. As other exit poll indications were being reported, Bush and his cohorts accepted the results without challenge as is the norm. But, when the Florida exit polls were announced, George Bush and his handlers confidently refuted the results as being wrong. For some reason, they singled out Florida as the only state in which poll results could not possibly signal a Gore victory.  That alone should have raised an alarm. Was GOP intuition superior to that of all other humans that day, or did the party honchos know something about the Florida election that the exit pollsters did not? The answer soon became clear.
Today we can look back and see that the fix was in.

Now, more than three years after the Florida fiasco, and there is a real possibility that the coming Florida election will be an honest one. Democrats have a fair and square chance to compete in the state for a strange reason.  It won’t be because anyone has made an effort to clean up the Florida election flaws. It won’t be because of a Congress concerned with election machines with no paper trail.  It won’t be because the manufacturer of the election machines is being stopped from fulfilling his promise to deliver the election to George Bush.

John Kerry has a chance to win the state because on Election Day 2004, EVERYONE WILL BE WATCHING FLORIDA!  Now, does that sound comforting?  It still shouldn’t – because the next coup may very well take place in the state of California!

Step One: The table for the California coup was set when
Grey Davis was recalled. The political process in that state was altered by a few very powerful people. The George Bush/Enron connection to the financial troubles of California was never once mentioned in the mainstream media. Never once was the California public reminded that it was the Bush administration that relaxed regulations so that Enron could raise energy prices and promote their artificial energy crisis. Never once did the media remind the public that one of George Bush’s campaign pledges was to address the energy crisis. This was the same energy crises that turned out to be a hoax concocted by the company whose CEO was a huge contributor to the Bush campaign. Never once did the media clarify that clear connection between California’s financial woes and the Republican president. Ergo, we were witness to a fairly predictable recall.

Step Two: Out with the Democrat and in with the Republican: Arnold to the rescue!  Characteristically, it took the new Governor less than 2 weeks to
break his promises to the people of California by starting his assault on social services and putting the state in even greater debt.  True to his GOP identity, Arnold covered the state’s wounds with a temporary bandage so that all appeared fine on the surface. People in California are less frantic. Some are even smiling. Governor Arnold is making the TV rounds, first selling his solution and now basking in its overt “success.” But, what Arnold also is sending a subliminal warning to the people of America. He is telling the nation that HE WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF CALIFORNIA SUPPORTED BUSH IN THE 2004 ELECTION!  Repeated often enough, the suggestion – outrageous at first – begins to sound as if it is based on more than a whim. Does Arnold know something the rest of us don’t? Think about it.

On what is the newly elected Republican Governor basing this assessment? Is it the prediction of a political aspirant or a psychological groundwork for events to follow? Are his comments designed to be a legitimizing statement in preparation for a California coup by Bush? Are these things being said so that there will be no amazement if by some political miracle George Bush carries California in 2004? Will we hear this mantra repeated over the next months– not only by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but by the media lapdogs as well? Is it possible that the California election will be stolen while the distracted nation is watching events in Florida?

Step Three: Is it possible that the GOP will carry out the California coup by using their new computerized voting machines in the 2004 presidential election?  These machines have printers, and are capable of performing a recount in the event of a close election. But THE PRINTERS WILL NOT BE USED UNTIL 2005! That leaves in place the potential for another devastating voting crisis this year. And no one will be able to challenge the results!  Now, that is truly about as discomforting as it gets.

A TVNL ALERT: California is ripe to become the Florida of the 2004 election. Think about Arnold’s baseless comments and add the prospect of voting machines that do not leave a paper trail, are not capable of performing a recount and were hacked in less than a minute by testers in several studies. Something is going on in California, and it is NOT a miraculous surge of support for George. W. Bush.

This year Florida will be the Wizard and California will be the man behind the curtain. We have to focus a keen eye on Florida, but we must not for a moment be distracted from what may happen on the west coast.  There has to be a demand for a paper trail in every state, but most particularly in California. The media continues to minimize or ignore this terribly serious problem The American voter will only be heard if we raise our voices loudly enough.  You know the routine: Write, call, - then write and call again!  Alert those who are unaware. Force the hand of the media. Make it happen.

As the 2000 election hung on the Florida vote, this one may well hinge on the results in California.  Any manipulation of the vote may tragically be the end of America as we knew it.  While TVNL is raising this concern, we really hope that this election will be above board and honest.  But, after 2000, we are not prepared to be naïve and trust the election to mantras about California going for Bush, and voting machines that cannot be challenged.  And as the clichés come to mind: Better Safe than Sorry, and Forewarned is Forearmed, - .the very LAST thing we want to say in November is I told you so!

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