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The American news media are as responsible for the invasion of Iraq as the neocon liars in Washington!

Their methods were calculated. Their motives were premeditated. Their mission was transparent. They were determined to sell the war. They reported half-truths, partial facts, unverified rumors and selective viewpoints.  Night after night, week after week, they beat the drums of war draped in flags of pseudo patriotism, and helped to terrorize the nation. In the end, they succeeded. maintains that the American news media are as responsible for the invasion of Iraq as the neocon liars in Washington who used who used any and every rationale they could conjure up to implement their imperialist agenda. The media, for their own purposes, did the same.  They sold this war to the American people using every type of deception imaginable. Now, it is time for them to pay the price.

They sold the war, now let them fight it!

Never before have the media so willingly acted as agents of a government committed to a war of choice. Throughout the lead-up to war, the news media collectively lied by omission as well as commission. They deluded and deceived the public on a consistent and unerring basis with each piece of history they ignored and with each member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), they neglected to expose.  In the end, it is their war as much as that of the warmongers in the White House.  They sold it, so let them fight it.

After all these months of needless war, our military is strained and overextended. Our young men and women have been unwitting tools in a criminal war that has been deftly promoted by the media. They have to live with the dark visions of the carnage in which they participated for no plausible reason.

They have to live with the memories of dead children and weeping mothers. They have to live with the images of body parts that once belonged to their comrades in arms. They have to live with the devastating injuries to their own bodies and their minds. Our best and bravest have a long, tough road ahead.

And yet, so many young men and women will never come back from this fiasco.  The farce that played out as a war to protect American freedom has cost us dearly. The media refused to show the dead and the dying and the maimed. The media wanted their war to be clean and surgical and marketable.  They sold it well, but itís time to change the players.

In past wars, the voices of concerned citizens traditionally called for members of government and their families to enlist in the wars they supported. This time however, and perhaps for the first time in American history, the same call should go out to the members of the news media. This time, each and every member of the news media is as responsible for the war, if not more so, than the very people who planned and waged the invasion of Iraq.

Had the American news media acted as responsible journalists, there is a good chance that not a single bullet would have been fired and not a single bomb would have been dropped. Had they informed the public about the members of the Bush administration who had planned the war years ago, public suspicion might have grown and support for the invasion would have dwindled. Had they accurately informed the American people about the war agenda of the neocon Project for a New American Century, perhaps millions more Americans would have taken to the streets.

The media refused to expose the obvious lies about WMDís and the plot to connect Iraq to 9/11.  The media refused to verify, to investigate, or to challenge any claim of the warmongers. The media refused to even question the daily feed from the White House.  The media refused their responsibility in spades.  They chose, instead, to sell the war to the American public. Now itís theirs to fight.

Almost nothing about PNAC was ever aired by the news media. If more Americans had known about the members of PNAC, their history, and their expressed war goals, the sales pitch for war surely would have been far less effective. Had the public been reminded about the fabrications that led to the first Gulf War, they might well have been less likely they are to fall for the false alarms and lies used by the Bush administration to garner public support for this one.

But we will never know because the media opted to support and repeat the lies. They made a choice to ignore the truth, and now itís time for the consequences.

Test our theory: Ask any person who supports the Bush/PNAC agenda if he or she knows what PNAC is or what its agenda was prior to Bushís Supreme Court appointment to the Presidency. Ask the war supporters to name the PNAC member who wrote of the need for a catastrophic event like a new Pearl Harbor if a war against Iraq was to succeed. Very few people who support the war will respond correctly, - so very, very few.

Who is responsible for the tragic national information vacuum that exists in the United States? Who is responsible for the countless false concepts saturating the minds of so many Americans? Who is responsible for the distortions that so much of the public accepts as reality? There is no question that the blame must be laid at the feet of the American news media who abandoned their roles as purveyors of information to become devoted advocates for war.

At this very moment we are entering a new term of escalating imperialism and declining democracy. There is no doubt that the PNAC government in Washington plans to continue an agenda of empire. There is no doubt that they can not do this without an extensive military force. And there is no doubt that the military in its current state can not carry out the PNAC agenda.

Bottom line: TvNewsLIES believes that the corporate news media have never in history been as responsible for selling a war or promoting an agenda of deception. This is why we feel that the members of the media should fight the wars that they sell. We challenge each and every member of the corporate media and/or their family members to enlist for active duty today. 

To help them take this patriotic step in support of the war they sold so well, we have linked to an application form for immediate active duty. If, as we suspect, there are few responses to this challenge, TvNewsLIES strongly supports legislation to draft members of the media and/or designated family members immediately!

They sold the war, so let them fight the war they wanted. There is no better way to make the American news media Fair & Balanced!


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