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Who: Wolf Blitzer - The Poll Monkey

    Wolf Blitzer is the perfect control freak. If you watch this man operate you will see him masterfully control his interviews and discussions like a chess player; strategically forming every sentence so that all information that is not in his or his network’s best interest ends up in a check mate.

    UPDATE: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer calls himself the Iron Man of journalism. I find that to be appropriate. You see, I call TV news the “professional wrestling of journalism.” So, having a character name like “Iron Man”, fits in with the theme. Wolf claims to deliver “hard news!” What is “hard news?” The other day my mother what watching as Wolf was interviewing some expert about the violence in Najaf. He actually asked the person if he thought the fact that Iraq’s soccer team won a game at the Olympics would have a political impact in Najaf. Is that “hard news?” I would think reports in the effectiveness of Viagra could be considered “hard” news. I am not sure if I would consider the stuff Wolf reports to be, however. 

Journalism Credentials: None.


  • News TV drama series: Every Wolf broadcast starts off with at least one teaser that is meant to deceive much like a crime drama’s promos tries to confuse you as to “who done it”. The problem with this is that it leaves you with a false subliminal impression. Wolf uses this method of deception every day.
    • Example: Intro:” The US finds 2 mobile labs that some are saying is the smoking gun in Iraq. Could these labs have been used to manufacture the Iraqi stockpiles of anthrax and chemical weapons?”.

    Then the show starts.  Before you ever see Wolf you now believe that the smoking gun has been found and that there are indeed stockpiles of anthrax and chemical weapons in Iraq. The problem with this is that other than the fact that some vehicles were discovered the rest is 100% speculation. In this story the only “NEWS” is that 2 vehicles were found. Wolf reports all this before they know if the vehicles were actually labs or if they were labs used for anything other than legitimate purposes. Who are the “some” in the “some are saying”? Does he mean “The White house wants us to tell you this”? It would be more truthful. Then there is the implied guilt; where is the anthrax, where are the chemical weapons? By the time a viewer is finished watching the intro to Wolf’s show he/she is already manipulated into believing so many “lies” that it would take the rest of the show to explain the actual truth behind all these issues.

  • I’ll ask you what the news is!: Why is Wolf obsesses with asking people what they think? He has a daily viewers poll which is usually irrelevant. See my explanation of why this is not journalism by clicking here. There are opinion poll type questions thought his broadcast; many times at the commercial breaks. He also asks all his viewers for their opinion regardless of the person’s bias. For example if you ask an ex-General questions regarding war crimes committed by US troops in Iraq do you think you are going to get a fair answer? Do you think that you are going to get a real answer? Do you think that if you ask Dick Cheney if it is ethical or integral to national security to keep his energy policy meeting notes secret you are going to get a legitimate answer. People believe the answers because they seem to come from authoritative sources but they do not know how bias the sources are. If Wolf’s line of questioning style was applied to courts we would not have juries; we should just ask the accused if they are guilty. Keep a sharp eye on not only Wolf’s questions but to whom he poses them.
  • Dismissing Facts: Whenever someone points out a fact or statistic that works against his point of view he dismisses it. He questions it’s validity regardless of the source. In other words he disregards the truth. This is common among the culprits.
  • Abrupt endings: If by chance a person being interviewed by Wolf starts to spill too much undesired information Wolf will find a way to stifle it. He is a master at this. It is easy to spot.
  • Factual Errors (LIES) permitted to pass as truth: I was watching good old Wolf Blitzer while he was interviewing a Democratic Congresswoman who just came back from the Mideast. The Congresswoman spoke of the fact that Iraq was violating the “UN no fly zones”. Well, am I crazy or should someone like Wolfy boy, who claims to report the news for a living, realize that the NO FLY ZONES ARE NOT SANCTIONED BY THE UN!!! He never flinched, He let the viewers believe a falsehood; one that just so happens to help the Bush cronies to demonize the Iraqis. A journalist who permits this to happen is a liar! Period. End of story. Intentional selective deception. Is it any wonder that 1/2 of the American public has been led to believe that Iraq was responsible for the attacks of 9/11
  • I can go on, but I have to work on the rest of the site...check back for updates:-)

Why he is dangerous:

    Wolf actually appears to be a journalist. His speaking tone and general appearance is that of someone who is practicing journalism. Unfortunately his words do not match is speaking style. People trust him. In return he deceives them.

A Message:

    Hey Wolf; retire! Do some soul searching. Write a book and expose CNN. Clear your conscience


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