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The Republican Party has been very successful using the “Mantra” method. The entire party unites behind a single mantra designated for each issue. Regardless of how irrelevant or untrue the mantra is, by repeating it enough the American public ends up believing it. Several examples: “Al Gore is a liar”. Everyone who is “informed” realizes that this is the farthest thing from the truth, never the less many people did not vote for Gore because they fell for this mantra. To this day I have not found one person who did not vote for Mr. Gore for this reason, who can site a single reason why? They just remember the mantra. A more current example is “Class Warfare”. This is the new mantra chanted each time anyone criticizes the Bush tax plan. We must counter this with our own mantra; “Greed”. In a healthy growing economy it is a valid point to say that the rich pay more than their fair share of taxes; but in an environment where people have lost their pensions (due to the actions of the super rich), are losing jobs, have no healthcare, etc., asking for tax breaks for people who can already afford everything they need and every luxury that they desire, is nothing more than GREED! SAY IT!

To the Democrats: Learn from this. We must
counter the mantra. We must embrace a new “Substance over Song” concept. We must take issue with the fact that empty mantras are used. We must call them out as soon as they are used. We must stop being defensive when attacked by Right Wingers.

  • A Democracy Dictionary; Bush Victory, Bush Treason; Must-Add Dictionary Terms
  • No Slogan Left Behind - After making war not peace in 2003, our president is taking advantage of the New Year and Democratic fratricide to dress up in his compassionate conservative costume again. First it was kindler, gentler immigration reforms, then an anniversary party for his favorite bill-that-became-a-law, the No Child Left Behind education program.

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