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Why America Does Not Need a Liberal News Network
A View from the left

News: 'nüz, 'nyüz - A report of recent events?

Journalism: 'j&r-n&l-"i-z&m - : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation and without opinion. 

It is essential to understand that Americans desperately need something that does not exist at this time: a Real News Network. There has been much talk about how the broadcast news media is now dominated by right wing conservative viewpoints. Some people laughably claim that there is still a strong liberal influence in the news media. would like point out that both of these views are far off the mark: we maintain that there are NO national broadcast “news? organizations currently in the United States. None. Once again:; there are NO national “news? networks in existence in America at this time, and NO  “journalism? is being practiced on a national level in any broadcast medium.

Remember:  A liberal network would be preaching to the proverbial choir.  It would attract listeners who already agree with its political bent, - and would do very little to educate the public about the misinformation and propaganda being disseminated by the national and cable networks that appear to be reporting important national and global events. 

The following statements explain what a real news network would provide if one were to exist. It would allow the public to access NEWS, - an accurate account of pertinent events.  Ideally, it would also offer some analysis and explanation of the reported events.

A news network would:

  • Provide reports of news events in an informative manner
  • Provide complete, uncensored reports of events
  • Indicate whether or not the reports have been confirmed or if they are preliminary
  • Report all related news events and pertinent facts
  • Explain the context of any quotes reported
  • Present the reports using neutral terminology so as not to imply bias or approval
  • Conduct interviews in which straight forward questions are posed, without the use of leading questions to confuse or unnerve the person being interviewed
  • Academically point out and question any misstatements or factual errors relayed during the interview
  • Report news that affects the nation and the world (local news networks can cover local stories) without fear of intimidation by any agency of government
  • Remain neutral and provide bipartisan opinion that is clearly identified as such to the viewer
  • Avoid presenting news as drama.  This includes the use of emotionally charged music, over voices, slogans, etc. to influence audience response to the information being reported. Events should not have product names such as “Operation Iraqi Feedom?.
  • Report to the public any attempts by government (or any) sources to intimidate, threaten, or in any way influence the content of news reports.

Let us examine the nature of the “news? that is reported today by the major cable news networks, CNN, MSNBC and FOX.  Keep in mind that tens of millions of Americans rely on these sources for their information about the nation and the world:

These networks provide:

  • News stories presented as mysteries; with tantalizing questions and innuendo (that leave false impressions) preceding the story.
  • Selective elements of  news events while omitting pertinent facts
  • Unsubstantiated stories reported as fact
  • Edited, truncated or completely out of context quotes that create false impressions
  • Minimal access to a wide variety of important news stories that might reflect poorly on the administration
  • Leading questions, insinuation, assumptions, opinions and so-called expert validate inaccurate or truncated reports to the public.
  • Distractions in the form of extended local and non vital news stories in lieu of the thousands of important stories that go unreported
  • American flags and other patriotic symbols to suggest that alternative views about the stories they report are ‘un-American? in contrast
  • Talk shows that often are presented as “news,? in which people with little “show biz? ability, are overwhelmed by the network host as they try to present alternative views.
  • Dramatic entertainment; replete with original music, drumbeats, emotionally charged intros, and Shakespearean presentations
  • Open, unchallenged platforms and photo ops for the administration to promote its policies and misinformation.

This web site exposes the indications and techniques of deception used by the broadcast media.

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg; volumes can be written about this topic.  Still, is compelled to present this viewpoint as part of its ongoing effort to expose the truth about the dangerously unacceptable state of broadcast journalism.

Bottom Line:  The left must NOT duplicate the biased reporting of the right.  The last thing that liberals need is a venue in which to speak to one another about things they already know and believe. What is vitally needed is something NEW, something that does not exist: a REAL Broadcast News Network that will provide the public with facts that will speak for themselves.  Informed Americans will make far more reasoned decisions in the voting booth. Give Americans something they are not getting: complete, unbiased, and accurate information about the events that impact their lives so seriously.

If you build it, they will come.

 Jesse – Editor, - June 28, 2003’s Suggested Reading


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