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    There is NO WAY that a majority of the callers could be seen in opposition to any policy supported by the administration.

    The result of the phone line arrangements that Washington Journal has provided for their callers is a 3 Ĺ year blackout of Republicans who do not support the Bush administration. They want us to believe that they do not exist!

George W. Bush has divided this country. Thatís a given.  But what is NOT a given is that the political division that exists in this country is straight down the middle. There seems to be a concerted effort by many in the corporate media to suggest that America is now separated into two equal camps: those who support George Bush, and those who oppose him. We are, in short, a nation equally divided in our political views, and equally in support of, or opposed to George W. Bush and company.  It sounds good, but is it true? strongly disagrees with this conclusion. Ours is NOT an equally divided nation.  Not by a long shot. Never before in history have so many groups representing so many independent factions and interests opposed an administration so vehemently. There is no way that fully half the nation approves of the disastrous policies of this administration. But in their calculated attempts to influence the electorate, the media would have us believe otherwise.

Case in point: Washington Journal, a daily morning feature on C-SPAN. This highly respected and popular political program is a patent example of how the media can subtly and masterfully manipulate public perception. Washington Journal enjoys a long reputation of political neutrality. Sadly, they have abandoned their commitment to fairness by instituting a format designed to suggest far greater support of George Bush than exists among their listeners. They, too, suggest that America is a nation divided in half.  Not so, but so it would seem.

How do they do it? Actually, the technique is fairly simple, yet no one seems to have noticed. No one seemed to object. That is, no one except!

Here is the ploy:

For years, Washington Journal, the famous call-in public forum program, has provided phone lines for the public to voice their views on a given topic. For years, while discussing a political issue, Washington Journal provided 3 phone lines for public participation. One number was for calls from Republicans, a second was for Democrats, and the third number was for calls form Independents (or others).

The result of this call-in arrangement was a clear and accurate measure of support for or against an issue as shown by the callers. The program worked on the assumption that issues were not solely divided along party lines. Republicans as well as Democrats could support or oppose similar issues.

For example, if nine calls were taken in response to a specific issue, 3 three would be heard from each line.  If 2/3 of the viewing public supported the issue, this might be represented clearly if 3 Republicans, 1 (of 3) Democrats, and 2 (of 3) Independents voiced support. This would mean that six of out of nine callers supported the issue.

Enter the Bush Administration:

All of a sudden, with no explanation and with no expression of concern from any media watchdog group, Washington Journal changed its call-in format. The new standard categories became 1) Support President Bush and 2) Democrats.  A 3rd line no longer was regularly available. Calls were taken alternately from a Bush supporter and a Democrat.

Example: Suppose that the issue under discussion is stem cell research. If twenty calls are taken Ė ten will be, by definition, from those supporting the President on his restrictive policy.  Ten will also be taken from Democrats who may or may not voice opposition to his policy.

The problem: This arrangement, under any and all conditions, guarantees a minimum show of 50% support for George Bush.  That is, half the callers will always express support for the President. Some Democrats may also show support for a specific issue. There is NO WAY that a majority of the callers could be seen in opposition to any policy supported by the administration.

Even if ninety percent of the public, from all political parties, oppose restrictions on stem cell research, the C-Span format will suggest that the country is, at the very least, equally divided on the issue.

Do the math: Regardless of the breakdown of actual support, one line is dedicated to those viewers who offer 100% support for George Bush, while the other line is not.
 Where does that leave Republicans who disagree with their President? During the entire Bush occupation of the White House, a Republican viewer of C-Span who disagreed with the administration on any issue had no phone number to call in and voice an opinion. These people are Republicans, so they can not call on the line designated for Democrats. They do not support Bush, so they canít call on the Support Bush line. C-SPAN has predetermined for viewers that George W. Bush enjoys 100% support from Republicans on every issue for his entire term.

This is very powerful form of deception coming from a very trusted source. It is insidious and subliminal seduction that misleads us all. And yet, it continues.

RECENTLY: The call lines have recently changed to Support Senator Kerry and Support President Bush.  This, too, guarantees a 50% support for Bush when compared with Kerry. There is a line for Others, but this has no effect on the balance between Bush and Kerry because calls on this line will always be against both Bush and Kerry. If the lines were set up as Democratic and Republican perhaps a more realistic picture would emerge.

BOTTOM LINE: The result of the phone line arrangements that Washington Journal has provided for their callers is a 3 Ĺ year blackout of Republicans who do not support the Bush administration. They want us to believe that they do not exist! Once again: for the entire time the Bush administration has been in the White House, Republicans who opposed its policies did not have representation at all on Washington Journal. Similarly, there has been a blackout for Democrats who support Bush policies. Granted, that number is probably far smaller, - but its very existence offsets the credibility of an even split in the country.

Add this to the myriad of polls that supposedly show an evenly divided nation, and you have a public that has been conditioned to accept another election that is too close to call. It is not beyond reason that the 2004 presidential election will be controlled and rigged by the same people who stole the last one.  It is not beyond reason that the nation has been set up once again.

It is just as reasonable, in these cynical times to believe that we are all being conditioned and manipulated by even the most trusted institutions within our media.

And if C-SPAN Ė via Washington Journal - is playing a role in the manipulation of the public, who in the entire world of American media can we possibly trust?

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