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  • Protest against Israel - Switzerland has formally protested to Israel about an incident in which a car carrying a Swiss diplomat was shot at by Israeli soldiers
  • Peace plan parley set for Wednesday, ‘ conditions permitting’ - Meanwhile, Sharon on Tuesday sought to calm a firestorm among his supporters over his use a day earlier of the term “occupation” to describe Israel’s control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • Israel boycotts Belgian lawsuit - Israel says lawsuit against former general allegedly involved in Sabra and Shatila massacres discriminatory.
  • The Tip Of The Iceberg  - Israeli Settler Violence… A Colonialist Strategy?
  • Maximum alert for terror tied to summit - Thousands of police, Border Police troops, and volunteers have been deployed along Israel's Green Line border with the West Bank, and at the entrances to major cities in an effort to foil attacks.
  • Fresh Israeli Incursion Hours After Aqaba Summit - Ten Palestinians were injured and several houses demolished in a fresh incursion by Israeli occupation forces on the West Bank and Gaza Strip Wednesday, June 4, hours after a U.S.-led summit in Jordan’s Aqaba promised better future for the Palestinians and an end to more than a century of occupation and daily aggressions.
  • Israeli Settlers Occupy Palestinian’s House, Establish New Illegal Outpost - "Israeli minister, Bini Ayalon, heading a group of Israeli settlers, attacked a house owned by Palestinian citizen Rashad Maqdisyya, and occupied it after kicking the family out at gunpoint .."
  • A security obstacle, or a political one - Security is the only justification for building a separation fence between the state of Israel and the West Bank - to protect the cities of Israel and its main roads from terrorists who freely cross the Green Line.
  • Settlers at West Bank Outpost Fight Back - Angry settlers got into bloody fistfights Thursday with soldiers and police trying to dismantle the West Bank settlement outpost of Mitzpeh Yitzhar, the first inhabited outpost being removed under a new U.S.-backed peace plan.
  • 15 arrested at Yitzhar; Molotov cocktails found at site - Some 15 settlers were arrested Thursday as efforts continued to evacuate the illegal outpost of Mitzpeh Yitzhar, a satellite of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, south of Nablus
  • Settlers torch Palestinian grain fields - "They apparently wanted to avenge the removal by the Israeli army of two caravans from the nearby hilltop, so they burned our harvest of the entire year," said Muhammed Sadaka, one of the peasants afflicted by the arson. "The settlers are the Nazis of our time. Their ideology toward non-Jews is very much similar to the Nazi ideology toward Jews," he added.
  • Wildcat settlers funded by 'secret state slush fund' - The Israeli Government is pouring money into the establishment of illegal settlements in the West Bank - and also paying to have them dismantled
  • Humiliation at the checkpoints - The Israel Defense Forces' Judge Advocate General, Maj. Gen. Dr. Menachem Finkelstein, confirmed on Sunday that criticism of the behavior of soldiers at checkpoints in the territories was not completely unjustified. Such criticism is constantly leveled by the Palestinians, Israeli and foreign journalists and human rights groups, but not often does the IDF admit the veracity of the complaints.
  • At What Price? - Now might be the perfect time for Israelis to debate how much their government spends to support the settlements. Except nobody knows.
  • Israeli army accused of cruelty - A leading Israeli human rights group has accused Israeli soldiers of "malicious and cruel" treatment of Palestinians and the military leadership of indifference to widespread abuses.
  • Clashes at Israeli security fence - Washington has expressed concern at the Israeli barrier - Israeli soldiers have fired rubber bullets at protesters who approached the controversial security barrier Israel is building around Palestinian areas.
  • Largest demolition in years: Israel destroys entire commercial market in one day - OVER 100 SHOPS AND 5 HOMES DEMOLISHED IN NAZLAT 'ISA FOR THE BUILDING OF THE WALL
  • PM: Pilots' refusal reminds me of 1982 attempt to topple gov't - We, both veteran and active pilots, who have served and who still serve the state of Israel,
    are opposed to carrying out illegal and immoral orders to attack, of the type Israel carries out in the territories," the letter states. - "
    We, for whom the IDF and the air force are an integral part of our being, refuse to continue to hit innocent civilians... The continued occupation is critically harming the country's security" and moral fiber, it added.
  • Changed Landscape - Do Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors for Israelis and Palestinians? - The Israeli government is working on a 225-mile-long security barrier designed to protect its citizens — and it's projected to run right down the middle of the Palestinian's hotel. - "They cut the hotel in two pieces, the gardens will be on one side and the hotel will be on the other side," he said.
  • Gaza homes razed in tunnel search - The Israeli army has demolished up to 10 Palestinian homes in the Rafah refugee camp as it presses on with its search for weapons-smuggling tunnels, Palestinian sources say. - Seven Palestinians - including two boys aged eight and 15 were killed during the first day on Friday and more than 50 have been injured.
  • Rafah counts its dead as Israeli tanks pull out - Raid on camp leaves hundreds of Palestinians homeless - But by the time the raid was over 48 hours later, just three tunnels had been found, while more than 100 homes had been rocketed or flattened by bulldozers, about 1,500 people left homeless and two children killed after an Israeli helicopter fired a missile into a crowd. - TVNL Commet: Note that the subtext of the headline claimes that hundreds of Palestinians were left homeless but the text of the article claimes that 1,500 people were left homeless. Interesting.
  • US blocks action on Israeli 'wall' - The United States has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel's controversial West Bank barrier. - President George Bush had merely called the barrier a "problem".
  • UN condemns West Bank 'wall' - The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding that Israel halt construction of a huge barrier in the West Bank. - The vote was passed with 144 in favour, 4 opposed and 12 members abstaining. - TVNL Comment: Who opposed? The US was one of the 4 to oppose the resolution. The Marshall Islans of course was another nation! Israel was the 3rd and there was a 4th, we are researching this.
  • Israel to Keep Building Barrier Despite UN Censure - Israel vowed on Wednesday to press on with construction of its vast barrier in the West Bank despite a U.N. resolution condemning the project and demanding it be halted.
  • Israeli Army Blows Up Three Tall Gaza Buildings - The Israeli army blew up three 13-storey Palestinian Authority buildings in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, sending shock waves from the deafening explosion kilometers away. - Security sources said the buildings were used by militants to observe troop movements before launching an attack on the nearby Jewish settlement of Netzarim on Friday in which three soldiers were killed, two of them women.
  • Israel Raids Two Hospitals - Masked Israeli troops raided two Palestinian hospitals Saturday and arrested two suspected militants in a commando-style operation the army said would be repeated in other hospitals where terror suspects might be hiding. - The troops, wearing black ski masks and carrying assault rifles, entered the Nablus hospitals before dawn Saturday. They snatched one militant from his hospital bed, where he was in critical condition, and found another in a basement with a pistol in his hand, the army said. - “This is the most flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, when hospitals are not safe anymore from Israeli atrocities.”: Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Cabinet minister - TVNL Comment: Israel is a rogue nation completely out of control. It has ignored Geneva Convention, UN resolutions and international laws for years.
  • Get out of Gaza - The terrorist attack early on Friday morning at Netzarim, which ended in the deaths of three soldiers, two of them women, and the wounding of two others, makes tangible the absurdity of Israel continuing to hold on to the Gaza Strip.
  • Israel to deploy robot bulldozers - The D-9 bulldozer is as tall as a small house - The Israeli army is to deploy remote-controlled bulldozers to demolish Palestinian buildings. - The original US-made vehicle has been used to demolish hundreds of buildings linked to Palestinian militants in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. - Palestinians say the new version will mean more buildings will be destroyed - and more lives will be lost.
  • Palestinians: Israel hands out land confiscation notices - Palestinian farmers in the northern Jordan Valley on Wednesday received letters stating Israel would use their property to erect a security barrier, Palestinian officials said.
  • Israel destroys US-built wells - Huge areas have been demolished by the Israelis in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, including more than 150 homes.- The wells had just been dug by the United States Agency for International Development (USAid). A few months ago the agency announced a $20m (£12m) project to rebuild infrastructure including roads, electricity supply lines and sewers in the occupied territories. - TVNL Comment: Destroying water wells is a crime against humanity.
  • Jewish settlers hack Palestinian olive groves - Religious Jewish settlers on Wednesday hacked down hundreds of old Palestinian olive trees in the Nablus region, apparently to deprive Palestinian villagers of their livelihood and main source of income. - Some of the trees are reportedly a hundred-years old - A few days ago, settlers from the settlement of “Yitzhar” north of Nablus destroyed in likewise manner more than 500 olive trees at the village of Aynabos. - An Israeli army spokesman, when asked why the army failed to stop the settlers from hacking the groves, said “the army is not responsible for preventing these incidents.” - “According to the law, the army can’t deal with Israeli citizens and the settlers as you know are Israeli citizens.” - “This is the responsibility of the police, not the army.”
  • Palestinian farmers seek protection against settlers - Einabus, West Bank — Men with chainsaws turned Fawzi Hussein's olive grove into a wasteland overnight — 255 trees cut down at the trunks, fruit-laden branches wilting on a West Bank slope, at the height of the harvest season. - The suspected culprits: militant settlers who have been harassing Palestinian farmers for years, especially in the past three years of fighting. - Palestinian officials and Israeli opposition leaders say Israeli security forces are mostly choosing to ignore attacks by settlers and are doing little to protect Palestinian civilians — one of the duties of an occupying power. - TVNL Comment: Notice that you never hear this kind of news on FOX or CNN. The people who did this are terrorists but if the Palestinians chose to address this by conducting targeted killings or collective punishment we would surely hear about it.
  • Palestinians say the barrier will cause hardship - Israel's West Bank security barrier will cause serious human suffering, the UN has said in a report - The report says that the barrier will separate almost 700,000 Palestinians from their farms, jobs and schools.
  • Divide and destroy - Israel's separation wall is creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis for the Palestinians who live in its shadow. Christian Aid's Alex Klaushofer witnesses the devastation of communities - But whatever the barrier's form, its impact on the communities it dominates is devastating. In the farming villages of the northern West Bank, what was once a self-sufficient way of life is dying out because farmers cannot access their land. - The fertile valley that supported most of Jayyous's 3,500 people with yields from olive groves and citrus orchards is now locked behind the barrier, accessible to some only through gates administered by the Israeli army.
  • Blame Israel, says Red Cross as it ends food aid for West Bank - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is ending its emergency food programme in the West Bank, saying the economic collapse there is the direct result of Israeli military closures and that Israel must live up to its responsibility as the occupying power for the economic needs of the Palestinians.
  • EU lambasts Israel barrier plans - The European Union has strongly criticised the Israeli Government's plans for a barrier in the West Bank. - The EU also raps other actions by Israel which, it says, make life intolerable for Palestinians, in a strongly-worded statement. - It says the continued building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank is an obstacle to peace.
  • Israeli raids leaving thousands homeless: UN - The United Nations criticised Israel over a similar operation last month, when Israeli forces entered the Rafah Refugee Camp, searching for tunnels used by Palestinian militias to smuggle in arms. - According to the UN, the raid left hundreds of homes destroyed and thousands homeless. TVNL Comment: Palestinians who have their homes destroyed are more likely to blow themselves up at a cafe than those who live their lives with dignity.
  • Sharon defends security barrier- Sharon said Israel's security would not be compromised - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has vowed to press ahead with Israel's controversial West Bank security fence. - Mr Sharon has been under increasing pressure from the United States to freeze settlement activity and halt the building of the security barrier.
  • UN Says Israel Fails to Meet Demand to Halt Wall - The official finding lays the groundwork for the Palestinians to return to the 191-nation assembly to seek further action against Israel. - TVNL Comment: Israel seems to excel in 2 areas; killing Palestinians and violating UN resolutions.
  • Settlers' leader threatens "war" if outposts dismantled - The Israeli government will have a "war" on its hands if it tries to carry out its decision to dismantle eight settlement outposts in the West Bank, a settlers' leader warned.
  • UN: Not enough aid cash to help Palestinians - United Nations relief workers reported yesterday that they could meet only 40 per cent of the minimum food needs of nearly a million Palestinian refugees made destitute by three years of violent confrontation with Israel. - The backlog on rebuilding refugee homes demolished by the Israeli army has grown to 1,100, with an average waiting time of two years. - TVNL Comment: But the US can give Israel billions for military aid.
  • Israeli Lawmakers Visit Unauthorized Outposts, Calling Government's Dismantling a Sham - Dovish lawmakers and peace activists visited unauthorized Israeli outposts on Sunday to refute claims they were demolished by the Israeli government under terms of a U.S.-backed peace plan. - The settlement was alive and well Sunday, with several trailer homes occupying a dusty hilltop. Residents carrying pistols confronted the group of unwanted visitors. "These are biblical lands!" they shouted. - According to the "road map" peace plan, Israel is to freeze all construction in existing settlements and remove unauthorized outposts erected since March 2001 in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Israeli invasion leaves 200 homeless - The Israeli occupation army in Gaza has destroyed 22 Palestinian homes in the town of Khan Yunis, leaving about 200 people homeless.
  • German Foreign Minister slams Israel for building fence - "If Israel believes that it needs a security fence, that cannot be criticized, as long as this fence follows the course of the Green Line," he said, referring to Israel's frontier with the West Bank before the 1967 war. - "The present course of the fence is, however, barely understandable from a security point of view," Fischer said. "It is precisely this fact that attracts very serious criticism, not just in Israel but also in Europe and the United States."
  • Bethlehem to be encircled in steel as 'security fence' snakes its way around holy city - It is a fate which has already befallen the Palestinian cities of Qalqilya and Tulkarem further north in the West Bank. Qalqilya is surrounded by a concrete wall complete with pillboxes from which Israeli soldiers look down on the city. The only way in and out is through Israeli army checkpoints.
  • Some Israeli Reservists Refuse to Serve - About a dozen reservists from the Israeli army's top commando unit declared Sunday they would no longer serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, reflecting growing unease with Israel's hard-fisted policy in the Palestinian areas. - ``We cannot continue to stand silent,'' they wrote, charging that Israeli military activities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are depriving ``millions of Palestinians of human rights'' and endangering ``the fate of Israel as a democratic, Zionist and Jewish country.''
  • Israel to reject the Hague court's authority on fence - Israel will inform the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague that it rejects its authority to deliberate on the building of the separation fence, senior political sources in Jerusalem said Sunday. - TVNL Comment: Israel can violate dozens of UN resolutions and now they reject the authority of the International Court of Justice and the US says nothing. No sanctions, no military action, no call for regime change; they just increase the amount of US tax dollars that they send over there to support them. Ask yourself why there is anti-Semitism in this world? The answer is simple, it is a direct response to the actions of the Israeli government. Unfortunately much of the world unfairly holds Jewish people responsible for the actions of the Israeli government.
  • Clashes erupt as Israeli troops move into Tulkarem - Around 25 tanks and jeeps pushed into the camp and troops quickly surrounded a number of houses, using explosives to blow the doors in, they said - TVNL Comment: Does this sound like a “peace process” to you?
  • Rabbi Defends Blocking Israeli Bulldozers - Arik Ascherman is no stranger to the Israeli police. The American-born rabbi reckons he has been arrested at least 10 times in his battle against what he says are injustices against Palestinians.
  • UN warns over Israeli demolitions - The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees is warning that it may not be able to cope with the number of people made homeless by Israeli army demolitions. - Since October 2000, more than 14,000 people in the Gaza Strip have lost their homes - almost 10,000 of them in Rafah. - TVNL Comment: Why doesn’t fair and balanced FOX News ever discuss the fact that Israel destroys homes without due process? Why don’t they ever talk about the fact that collective punishment is a violation of international law?
  • Israel approves settlement cash - Israel's government has approved a $22m budget mainly for building Jewish settlements on occupied land. - The move has outraged Palestinians, coming two weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged to remove all settlements from the Gaza Strip.
  • Israeli Troops Raid Arab Banks in the West Bank - Israeli forces burst into Palestinian banks on Wednesday, corralled employees, covered security cameras and seized at least $6.7 million in an unprecedented raid. Israel said Iran, Syria and Lebanese guerrillas sent the funds to Palestinian militants.
  • Gaza raids 'leave 1,000 homeless' - Israeli military raids in Gaza this month have left 1,100 Palestinians homeless, a United Nations agency says. - About 130 homes have been razed in what the UN agency for Palestinian refugees says is one of the most intense periods of destruction for years. - The group says Israel is meting out illegal collective punishment after the killing of a settler and her four daughters in Gaza a week ago.
  • Israeli troops resume search for militants, power and water knocked out in refugee camp - Israeli troops stormed homes in this Palestinian refugee camp on Wednesday in an ongoing search for militants and illegal weapons, confining tens of thousands of residents to houses without electricity or water. - TVNL Comment: Sounds a bit like a death camp! Hmm...
  • Tension rises as bulldozers tear down zoo in Rafah - The first bulldozer, he said, had come, escorted by a tank, at 2am on Thursday morning. Between then and when Israeli soldiers left the zoo at dawn yesterday, he had watched as the army killed birds and animals, uprooted shrubs, trees and grass, destroyed pens and cages, and then dumped much of the debris and wreckage into the zoo's swimming pool. - The zoo, the only one in the Gaza Strip, was perhaps the only attraction for children in a town almost entirely without public amenities. - TVNL Comment: OK, here is a chance for the people who say Israel can do no bad to come up with a single justification for this one! Terrorist turtles? Militant monkeys? Suicide squirrels? Why destroy a zoo and kill the animals? Why? To punish the children who visit the animals?
  • Israel 'funded illegal outposts' - Israeli state bodies have been secretly channeling money to establish illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, an official report has revealed.
  • Israel to Expand Largest West Bank Settlement - After reports in the Israeli news media, the Defense Ministry confirmed Monday that Shaul Mofaz, the defense minister, had approved the new building plan for Maale Adumim two months ago, based on government proposals dating back several years. - Critics also called the expansion a violation of Israel's pledge under the Middle East peace plan known as the road map, which calls for a freeze of all settlement activity.
  • Jerusalem orders Palestinian homes to be razed - Jerusalem's city council has ordered one of the largest mass demolition in the city's recent history, with plans to raze the homes of about 1,000 Palestinians in a neighborhood claimed by Jewish settlers. - TVNL Comment: Where is the outrage? Is it any wonder that there is so much anti-Semitism?


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