Date: December 6th 2007


I rarely use this email list for anything other than my newsletters, which have been few these days. (Regular mailings will resume shortly however)

Today however I am asking you to take a few minutes and fill out this survey with

I told them that I don't listen to them anymore, since they let Mike Malloy go. I wrote that they do not address the most serious issues like 9/11 and the very real fact that we have had several electoral coups.

Where they ask where I get my news I told them at

Where they as what kind of show I want to hear on AirAmericaRadio I told them I wanted to hear the daily media expose, with me as a host!

If you folks appreciate what I do and you can spare three minutes to take the survey...and if you share my opinion...please take their survey!

Jesse Richard - Editor,

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