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  1. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - MSM is Formally Accused of Felony Rico and Conspiracy Against Dr. Ron Paul
    Sent August 28th 2007

    Snip: What the public needs to understand is that FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the other established *mainstream “mass media”/news sources [*see definition @] are perpetrating criminal fraud (via omissions, distortions and outright lies) a...

  2. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - RESEND WITH LINK
    Sent June 27th 2007 Sorry, I think I forgot to include the link in my last message. Peace, Jesse ...

  3. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - PLEASE WATCH THIS!
    Sent June 27th 2007

    Please watch this! Bravo! That's all I have to say! Jesse Richard - Editor, ...

  4. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - Former Bush Speechwriter Hints at 9/11 Inside Job
    Sent April 13th 2007

    Full article here: Key point: Gold confirms that war in Iraq was decided upon from day one, and that a fake pretext was readied and anticipated before 9/11 happened. Though Gold still p...

  5. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - 'Scooter' Libby guilty on four of five counts
    Sent March 6th 2007 WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been found guilty on four of five counts in his perjury and obstruction of justice trial. Libby, 56, faces a maximum sent...

  6. 9/11 - Bombs in the Buldings - Multiple Corporate Media Sources
    Sent March 4th 2007 This video contains a montage of corporate media reports from the morning on 9/11 2001. Multiple people reported bombs going off. You can hear one huge explosion...

  7. 9/11 Bombshell - Another Smoking Gun & Cover Up
    Sent February 26th 2007

    This video was released earlier today but in an obvious attempt at a cover up Google removed the video. Here is another on line copy of it... Download this fast and copy it. Distribute it widely as well! The...

  8. TVNL Items of Special Interest - Jesse's Predictions Coming True
    Sent December 16th 2006

    Officials: John Edwards to announce '08 run All, Those of you who have seen my live presentations or have listened to my radio program know that I have been saying that John Edwards will be our next president. I sai...

  9. TVNL Items of Special Interest - Grounds For Impeachment
    Sent December 14th 2006

    All, Although we have been tracking the manipulation, alteration, concealment and misuse of scientific information by the Bush administration, I truly believe that the signing of this protest letter by 10,000 scientists, researchers and Nobel Lariats sho...

  10. TVNL Items of Special Interest Message - Caution, Your Email and Messages at Work are Being Recorded
    Sent December 2nd 2006

    Please take note that a new law just took affect requiring companies to record all e-mail and instant messages made using their system. I feel that you should be aware of this information that involves your personal privacy. A very distraught Jesse - Edi...

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