'Even the Taliban oppose abortion': Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer tweets reply to critic

Matt Schaeffer cites Taliban to support abortion ban

In response to a Houston Chronicle letter to the editor that criticized a new Texas abortion law, Republican state Rep. Matt Schaefer on Sunday tweeted "FACT: Even the Taliban oppose abortion. #txlege."

The letter reacted to a story in which an abortion provider sued to stop a law that would allow people to sue health care providers who help anyone have an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

"This law is what we might expect from the lowest intellects in the Taliban, for instance — where the war on women is never-ending," Mary Needham wrote. "Instead we have Texas Republicans wanting to pay a bounty to anyone who tattles on a (woman) who just might need an abortion."

Schaefer's late night Sunday tweet was roundly criticized on Twitter.