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You are here News Science Scientists discover 11th Archaeopteryx fossil, the oldest yet

Scientists discover 11th Archaeopteryx fossil, the oldest yet

Scientists discover 11th Archaeopteryx fossilPaleontologists have discovered an 11th Archaeopteryx fossil. The 150-million-year-old dinosaur bones are the oldest yet to be attributed to the transitionary genus.

The discovery -- detailed this week in the journal PeerJ -- could help scientists more easily differentiate between the group of bird-like dinosaurs and their closest relatives.

The fossil was found in ancient rock in the Altmühl River valley of Northern Bavaria. The strata from which the latest specimen was excavated represents the Late or Upper Jurassic epoch.

"Specimens of Archaeopteryx are now known from three distinct rock units, which together cover a period of approximately 1 million years," Oliver Rauhut, a professor and paleontologist at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, said in a news release.


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