Bill Press: Kelly sells his soul

Bill Press: Kelly sells his soulIt  happens so often we should be used to it by now. We build people up. We discover a new hero. We think he or she is the perfect public servant. We fall in love again. And then we find out they’re not so special, after all. They’ve got clay feet, just like the rest of them.

Still, it was a shock to see Gen. John Kelly fall from grace. At first blush, it seemed that President Trump’s new chief of staff wasn’t a political hack, like his predecessor Reince Priebus. He wasn’t a right-wing extremist like Stephen Bannon, a sycophant like Kellyanne Conway, or a clown like Sean Spicer.

Kelly was different. He was a level-headed, calming influence who operated above the political fray. Or so we thought. Now we know Kelly’s a political puppet for Trump, just like all the rest of them.

Appearing before reporters on Oct. 19, Kelly said it was “stunning” to see a member of Congress politicize the loss of four American soldiers in Niger. No, what was stunning was seeing a four-star general prostitute himself before the White House press corps.