Key Trump aide Hope Hicks doesn't answer questions on time at White House


Hope Hicks refused to answer questions of her time in the WHWhite House communications director Hope Hicks is not answering questions about her time in the White House or the presidential transition during her closed-door House Intelligence Committee testimony Tuesday, according to lawmakers on the committee.

A source familiar with her testimony says the attorney for Hicks told the committee that she will not discuss matters after the campaign in accordance with the White House request. When asked about certain matters, her attorney says she will "take it under advisement" but not answer those questions, the source said.
When former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon appeared before the committee last month and didn't answer questions about similar time frame beyond the 2016 campaign, he was hit with a subpoena during the interview. Republicans said Bannon's claim that he could invoke executive privilege during the presidential transition did not have merit.