Date: March 11th 2006

We now have a completely new donations system in place! We have also added 19 titles since our last message!


Take a look when you have some time! It took a lot of work to get the new system in place. A LOT OF WORK! I hope you find it easy to use!


New items are now listed on the front page of the new site.


We are expecting more titles next week including Good Night & Good Luck! Ill let you know when they are in.

Thank you so much for supporting us!



Jesse Editor,

The new donations page is located here:



Added in March, 2006:

        Marjoe / Thoth (Evangilists)

        Saints and Sinners (Gay Marriage, etc)

        Voices of Civil Rights (Martin Luther King, etc)

        BattleGround (IRAQ)

        The Take (Globalization)

        The N Word (America Divided)

        Paper Clips (Social experiment)

        Emmett Louis Till (Civil Rights)

        Champagne Safari (Industrialization)

        Falcon and the Snowman

        Paradise Lost (crime)

        Unfinished Business (Japanese Internment Camps)

        A Time for Burning (Civil Rights)

        Punishment Park (Human Dark side)

        Chisholm '72 - Unbought & Unbossed (Politics)

        According to Occam's Razor - (UFOs)

        Battle History of the United States Military (5 DVD Box Set) The Brooklyn Connection (How to Build a Guerilla Army) Peter Jennings Collection (No Comment)


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