Animal Spirits and Animal Speak
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Author:  Catherine [ Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Animal Spirits and Animal Speak

These seemingly ordinary animals carried great significance in the Ancient world for Native Americans.

Badger: Tenacity and courage. The badger will teach you perseverance and endurance in the face of adversity. The badger is a powerful protector of both material possessions and ideals held close to your heart.
Bat: The bat is a messenger. The bat may bring a message from either the other-world or your subconscious.
Bear: Strength and stamina.
Bee: The bee is industriousness, hardworking and very family/clan oriented.
Boar: The boar is sacred. It is both cunning and ferocious.
Bull: Strength and potency, the bull is a symbol of mobile power.
Butterfly: If a butterfly is seen while vision questing, no negative energy will be in the immediate area. Freedom of vision.
Cat: The cat is a strong protector in confrontational situations. As a prowling animal, the cat is also a strong guardian of inner powers. Also psychic powers and Strong.
Crane: The crane is the bird of the Moon, magical, shamanic travel, secrets and reaching deep mysteries. The crane also represents the logical mind as well as patience while healing occurs.
Crow: The Crow is a symbol of conflict, war and death. Its skill is wisdom with trickery. It is also a protector of scared records.
Doe: Mothering, protective, and often very intuitive.
Deer or Stag: The white Stag is a messenger from the other-world, following the animal often leads to a quest through the Other-world. The deer represents grace, swiftness and gentleness.
Dog: Underworld hounds are white with red ears, they hunt and punish the guilty, they represent tracking skills and companionship as well as Loving protection. loyalty and faithfulness.
Dolphin: They represent harmony, balance and traveling from rough to smooth waters.
Dragon (lizards): Wealth, raw powers of nature, the treasures of the unconscious mind.
Eagle: Wisdom and long life, Keen sight, Knowledge of magick and swiftness, the eagle is a strong ally when traveling into new territory.
Eel: Adaptability, Wisdom, Inspiration and defense. Can be sly.
Fox: Cunning, slyness, Perceptive. Madra-rua makes fools of those who chase it.
Frog: Shamanism, Magick, Nasty illusion with something wonderful hidden inside.
Hawk: Clear sightedness, teaches how to receive and interpret inner and outer signals.
Heron: Of the Moon and magick, shamanic travel, secrets, the logical mind, through the heron one can find magick in nature.
Horse: Stamina, endurance, and faithfulness, the horse was a faithful guide to the other-worlds. Very sexual.
Hummingbird: See the beauty in others, Inspiration, very nurturing and loving, swiftness.
Magpie: Omens and prophecies. Often omen of someones death.
Mouse: Secrets, cunning, shyness, the ability to hide. If you see a mouse in a vision quest--pay attention to details.
Otter: Enjoying life, recovering from a crisis, faithfulness, friendliness, and being helpful to others. The otter provides valuable assistance in the other-worlds.
Owl: Teaches us to silently observe life, and gather information to gain understanding. Also Occult wisdom.
Raven: The battle cry of an upcoming life crisis, it is a powerful protector if one can gain its favor. The bird of the Occult, knowledgeable, also gives warnings.
Wolf: cunning, Shamanism, wise, protective and territorial, warns of immediate dangers.
Snakes: Wisdom, reincarnation and cunning. If you see a snake while vision questing, be prepared for the power of transformation to enter your life. The snake represents the life-death-rebirth cycle.
Swan: Helps to interpret dream symbols, smooths transitions and spiritual evolution.
Wren: The wren's song was used in divination, the power of strengthening and cleansing.

This was sent to me in an email but my friend cited ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews


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